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Discontinuation of StarHub Go

When is StarHub discontinuing StarHub Go?

StarHub Go and its packs – Starter, Go Sports, Go Family, and Go Max – will no longer be available from 01 July 2023.

Why is StarHub discontinuing StarHub Go?

We’ve taken this decision to discontinue StarHub Go Package to make room for new offers that better suit our customers’ evolving needs. Stay tuned!

I’m currently subscribed to a StarHub Go pack. How will this discontinuation affect my subscription?

No action is required from your end as StarHub Go will be automatically terminated by 01 July 2023.

Charges for StarHub Go will be pro-rated, and depending on your billing cycle, you may see an adjustment within your next two (2) bills after the discontinuation date.

What do you recommend as an alternative to StarHub Go?

To continue enjoying your favourite shows, you can upgrade to StarHub TV+. Check out our latest TV offers here.

What will happen to my streaming box once StarHub Go is no longer available?

You do not need to return your set-top box and may recycle it at your nearest e-waste collection point.

Where can I have my StarHub Go pack deactivated prior to 01 July 2023?

StarHub Go will be automatically terminated by 01 July 2023 and you may continue to use the service until then. No further action will be required from your end.

If you still wish to deactivate your pack before 01 July 2023, you can contact us on Facebook or WhatsApp.