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France 24 FAQ

Launch of France 24 (Ch 724)

What is France 24?

France 24 (Ch 724) is a FreeView channel on StarHub TV that gives a French perspective on global affairs. ​

Expect international news bulletins and magazines, and talk shows relating to current affairs, covering diverse topics such as business, the environment, tech, culture, and more.

When will France 24 be available on StarHub TV, and where do I watch it?

France 24 will be available on Ch 724 to all StarHub TV customers as a FreeView channel from 7 February 2023.

I am new to StarHub TV. How do I subscribe to watch France 24?

Great news! As France 24 is available as a FreeView channel, you do not need to subscribe to any TV pass. All StarHub TV customers can simply tune in to Ch 724 to watch the channel.​

If you're not on StarHub TV, you can sign up at to enjoy France 24 and many more channels in store for you.

Where can I find the programmes for France 24?

You can find the programme guide for France 24 (Ch 724) at

Is there any catch-up available for France 24?

Currently, there is no catch-up option for France 24. If you’re watching France 24 on TV+, you’ll be able to catch your favourite programme anytime, anywhere on your devices.

What are some of the programmes I can look forward to?

Here are some of the programmes you can enjoy on France 24:​

  • The Debate​

  • Down To Earth​

  • French Connections Plus​

  • Encore

Can I watch France 24 in French?

France 24 (Ch 724) will be in English and has no subtitles.