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Prepaid Auto Top-up

What is Prepaid Auto Top-up?

Prepaid Auto Top-up is a service via StarHub Prepaid App that automatically tops up your StarHub Prepaid account from your credit/debit card based on the condition and value you set. This is a convenient top-up method to ensure that you always have enough balance in your account to continue enjoying your prepaid services.

How do I set up Auto Top-up for my Prepaid account?

You can set up auto top-up for your Prepaid account via StarHub Prepaid App.

  • Log in and select “Top up”.

Prepaid AutoTU_1.png

  • Select “Manage Auto Top-up”.

Prepaid AutoTU_2.png

  • Click “Modify” under “Auto top-up options”.

Prepaid AutoTU_3.png

  • Select your auto top-up option and value.

Prepaid AutoTU_4.png

  • Key in your credit/debit card details and click “Next”.

Modify card details

  • You have successfully set up auto top-up!

Prepaid AutoTU_6.png

How do I know if Auto Top-up is set up for my Prepaid account?

You can go to the StarHub Prepaid App to check your auto top-up subscription and manage your prepaid services.

What happens if my credit/debit card has insufficient balance?

If your credit/debit card has insufficient balance, the auto top-up transaction will be rejected.

How do I modify or cancel my Prepaid Auto Top-up service?

You can use the StarHub Prepaid App to modify or cancel your auto top-up service.

  • Log in and select “Top up”
  • Tap “Manage Auto Top-up”
  • Click “Modify” to change your details or “Disable auto top-up?” to cancel
  • Confirm the changes