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Astro Sensasi (formerly Hub Sensasi)

What is Astro Sensasi? Is it the same as Hub Sensasi?

Hub Sensasi is changing its name to Astro Sensasi starting 28 April 2022 as Astro, a leading Malay pay TV platform and a successful content producer from Malaysia, takes over as content provider for the channel.

Astro Sensasi is found only on StarHub.

What changes come with this rebrand?

With Astro Sensasi, you’ll enjoy a brand-new, refreshed suite of programmes and the best Malay content including high-quality drama series, movies, and variety shows.

Will there be pricing changes with my subscription because of the rebrand?

Pricing will not be affected by the rebrand.

What should I do to access Astro Sensasi?

You’ll automatically be able to access Astro Sensasi on channel 123 from 28 April onwards. There’s no action needed from you.

On what channel can I watch Astro Sensasi?

Astro Sensasi is on channel 123, the same channel as Hub Sensasi.

Is catch-up programme available for Astro Sensasi?

Yes, you’ll be able to catch up on the programmes you missed.

If you’re using fibre TV, press the yellow button on the remote control to find the programme you want to watch.

If you’re using StarHub TV+, go to TV shows > Asian > Hub Sensasi on Demand.

Where can I find the programme guide for Astro Sensasi?

You can find the programme guide at

I’m new to Astro Sensasi. Which pass should I get to access this channel?

You can subscribe to Malay+ to enjoy Astro Sensasi, as well as other channels featuring content from Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, and South Korea. You’ll even be able to watch Hollywood movies.

Read more about Malay+ here.