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CIS - Mobile Purchase

How do I add an item to my cart?

Items will be automatically added to your cart once you have selected a phone and logged in to customise your order.

Can I change, remove or add items to my order?

You can change your order by clicking on the edit 'pencil' icon and cancel by clicking on the delete 'garbage' icon. The Store currently does not allow multiple orders, so you will have to complete ongoing transactions before making another purchase.

What happens to my cart if I exit the Online Store before checking out?

The item will be saved in your cart so you can continue making the purchase later. However, do note that the product might not be in stock the next time you're back on the site.

Can I buy a mobile phone or cable modem without signing up for any service plan or contract?

No. All products in our Online Store can only be purchased together with a 2-year contract.

Can I add or edit Value-Added Services?

You can add or edit Value-Added Services when customising your order.

Can I trade in my old handset when making a purchase online?

No. We currently do not accept trade-ins for online purchases.

Can I buy accessories for my new mobile phone?

Yes, you can select the available accessories when customising your order.

How can I review my order?

You can review your order before proceeding to payment and delivery.

Can I visit the retail store to sign up under the CIS scheme as well?

Yes, you can visit the retail store to sign up as a CIS customer but the promotions/ offers for CIS Online Store will not be extended.

Can I recontract via EPP?

Yes, you can also recontract your mobile line via CIS Online Store so long as you are eligible.