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Digital Voice Global Voicemail

How can I access my mailbox?

Dial 1303 followed by your password, if you are calling using your Digital Voice Global line. Alternatively, enter your mailbox number (which would be your Digital Voice Global phone number), followed by your password, if you are calling from a mobile phone, or from a fixed-line phone service provided by another service provider.

How many messages can be stored at any one time?

A maximum of 5 messages can be stored at any one time. The maximum length of each message is one minute.

Can I personalise my Voicemail greeting?

Yes, you may. Please refer to the Voicemail section in the Digital Voice Global Voice guide.

What do I do if I forget my password?

Please call our Customer Care Consultants and we will reset it to the default password (8888) for you.

What happens if my mailbox is full and someone tries to leave a message?

The caller will be informed that your mailbox is full and he/she is unable to leave any message at that time. You are encouraged to delete your old messages constantly.

Can more than one person send a message at the same time?

Yes. More than one message can be left in your mailbox at the same time, as long as it is within the allocated number of 5 messages.

If I accidentally delete a message during playback, can I retrieve it?

Yes, simply press *4 to recover the deleted message before the call ends.

Can I check my messages from any phone?

Yes, as long as the phone has touch-tone dialing facilities. Dial 1303; enter your mailbox number (your Digital Voice Global phone number), followed by your password.

When I re-direct a message, does a copy remain in my mailbox?

Yes, a copy of the message will remain in your mailbox until you delete it or when the retention period expires.

Will I be notified whenever there is a new message in my mailbox?

No, “Message Waiting Indicator” function is not available at the present moment.

A message I had previously stored in the mailbox is now gone. What happened?

Messages are purged automatically after four days (for new messages) or two days (for saved messages).

What is my voicemail local access number?

You can access your Voicemail by calling the short code 1303 or any of the local access numbers 6820 1303 or 9850 1303.

Can I have multiple voice mailboxes with Digital Voice Global?

Currently, each Digital Voice Global account can only have one voice mailbox per telephone line.

What is the maximum length of my Voicemail greeting?

The maximum length of your voicemail greeting is 1 minute (60 seconds) long.

How do I stop my calls from going to Voicemail?

You cannot stop calls from going to Voicemail in the event there is no answer on the number you have activated call forwarding to.