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Scam Email FAQs

Some customers have received an email supposedly from StarHub telling them that they paid their bills twice and they need to click on a link to provide their details and get a refund.

I received an email from My StarHub <>. Is this an official StarHub email address?

No, is not an official StarHub email address. Please ignore any messages you receive from this address. Do not click on any link on the message to prevent revealing personal and sensitive information.

The email from My StarHub <> said that I should get a refund because I paid my bill twice. Can I really claim a refund?

No, this is a scam attempting to get your personal information through what appears to be a legitimate email. You can check your account balance on My StarHub App or My Account to confirm if you have excess payment.

What can I do to protect myself from email scams?

Please be vigilant and check the credibility of the email before clicking on anything. Never share your PINs, OTPs, and other personal and sensitive information with anyone.