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Ethernet Over Coaxial for Fibre TV

What is Ethernet Over Coaxial for Fibre TV?

Ethernet Over Coaxial (EOC) is a solution for customers who want to enjoy Fibre TV in instances where the Termination Point is more than 2m away or on a different wall from the TV. It is a great alternative to external trunking, and works by using a pair of EOC adapters to transmit network signals through your flat’s coaxial cables.

Are you eligible for this solution?

Firstly, your flat’s utility closet should contain these 3 items (as built by HDB for flats completed from 2011 onwards):


Secondly, you will need at least 2 power sockets (to supply power for the Optical Network Terminal and the Active EOC adapter).

Lastly, this solution is suitable for homes with only 1 set-top box.


Our technicians will still need to do an on-site evaluation to determine suitability during installation.

What is the typical set up?

You will get a pair of EOC adapters, one active and requiring power, one passive.


The Active adapter is used at your utility closet, connecting your Optical Network Terminal (ONT; provided with your StarHub Fibre Broadband subscription) to the SCV Splitter. This adapter needs power in order to boost the signal through the coaxial cable to the living room / bedroom.

The Passive adapter is used to receive the signals from the cable point in the living room / bedroom and sends it to your Fibre TV set-top box, which in turn sends it to your TV.