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Membership Tiers

What is the new Membership Programme about?

The new Membership Programme consists of 3 different membership tiers for our customers. We have made it easier for you to enjoy more benefits when you stay with us.

Learn more about the benefits of the respective membership tiers here.

Membership Tier

Eligible Spend Monthly Per Membership Year


Below $100


Between $100 - $199.99


Equal to and above $200

How do I qualify for the next Membership tier?

Existing customers (excluding customers who are only on Star Plan) will be evaluated based on the eligible spend in the last 3 months with StarHub. If your account spend reaches the next level, your membership will be upgraded automatically, and you will enjoy the next tier of membership benefits for a year.

How do I know my membership tier?

For new customers, you will start with a Green membership tier. On the 3rd month of your service, if you reach the eligible spend for the next membership tier, you will be upgraded automatically. You will be notified accordingly via SMS or Email and be able to enjoy the next tier of membership benefits for a year.

To check your current membership tier, log in to StarHub App and tap on "Rewards".

I have signed up for Star Plan, why am I not able to access StarHub Rewards or the membership programme?

Please bear with us as we continue to enhance our offerings and make StarHub Rewards and its membership tier benefits available to you soon with Star Plan.

How long is the membership valid for?

Gold and Platinum membership is valid for a year. For Green members, your eligible monthly spend will be reviewed every 3 months. If you meet the Membership eligibility, your membership status will be automatically upgraded.

Will I lose my membership of Platinum or Gold if my monthly spending drops?

Your membership tier will be reviewed every year and will drop to a lower tier if the spending does not meet the eligible monthly spend. In the case of a Platinum Member, if your monthly spending falls below $200, your Platinum Membership tier will drop to Gold Membership tier after a membership of 1 year. The same applies to the Gold Membership, which will fall to Green Membership after 1 year if your monthly spending falls below $100.

Can I transfer my membership to my family or friends?

The Membership is not transferable.

Will my membership tier be affected if I make any changes to my StarHub services?

Rest assured that any changes to your StarHub services and monthly spending will be updated automatically in the Membership Programme. You can enjoy your respective membership privileges in the Rewards Programme accordingly.

Will the "Saved Rewards" stored in My Rewards be affected by a change in membership tier?

We are happy to inform you that your rewards will not be affected by the change in membership. We encourage you to log in to StarHub App and refer to My Rewards regularly to redeem your rewards before they expire.

How is the monthly eligibility spend calculated?

The monthly spending is calculated based on monthly subscription, value-added services fees, usage charges (e.g., DataTravel, IDD phone call and overseas call), accessories purchased via StarHub Shops/Online store and EasyGo monthly payments.

Note: Charges such as Early Termination Charge (ETC), other credit charges (OCC), one- time charge (OTC), GST and late payment fee will not be considered in the calculation of your spend.

Can I terminate my membership with StarHub Rewards?

You do not need to send us a termination request if you do not wish to participate in the new StarHub Rewards. The termination of Membership will happen automatically when you terminate your StarHub services with us.