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TATA IPL Telecast Restrictions - Asianet Movies (Ch 140)

When is TATA IPL?

TATA IPL will run from 22 March 2024 to end May 2024.

Why is the TATA IPL not available on Asianet Movies (Ch 140)?

There are restrictions to satellite rights to broadcasting TATA IPL in Singapore, hence, the matches are not being telecast on the channel.

Why are there promotions of TATA IPL matches on the channel?

This is a single Asianet Movies India feed covering both India and Singapore. While the promotions will still be shown on the channel, however, the matches are not applicable for telecast by Asianet Movies in Singapore.

Will the matches/highlights be available on the channel later? Are they available on any other linear channel(s)?

Matches/highlights will not be available on the Asianet Movies channel later. Viewers interested in catching the TATA IPL matches can do so via Hub Sports 4 HD (Ch 204) and Hub Sports 5 HD (Ch 205), available via subscription to Sports Group/Sports Pass for Fibre TV customers or the Sports+ TV Pass for TV+ customers respectively.