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How to activate FamilyConnect

Set-Up Guide

activate familyconnect 1

Step A: Before you start, please ensure you’ve received an email confirmation of FamilyConnect service. Then, turn on Bluetooth on your Apple Watch and iPhone, and proceed to pair the Apple Watch to your iPhone. Open the Watch app on your iPhone and select “Set Up for a Family Member”. You can refer to the instructions here.

activate familyconnect 2

Step B: Once you’re done pairing, open the Apple Watch App on your iPhone. Select “Mobile Data”

activate familyconnect 3

Step C: Select “Set Up Mobile Data”.

activate familyconnect 4

Step D: Enter your NRIC/FIN to verify you are the subscriber of this mobile line.

FamilyConnect stepD

Step E: Select the mobile line you wish to activate on your Apple Watch.

activate familyconnect 6

Step F: All done! You have successfully activated FamilyConnect for your Apple Watch.

activate familyconnect 7

Step G: To connect to the StarHub network, turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on your Apple Watch. You can check the signal strength from the Control Center of the Explorer watch face on your Apple Watch.

If the cellular button turns green, it means your Apple Watch is connected to the StarHub network.

For more information, please visit Apple support page.

I'm having issues activating FamilyConnect. What should I do?

First, make sure your plan and devices are compatible with FamilyConnect.

  • Mobile+/4G mobile plan
  • iPhone 6s or above (iOS 14.3 above)
  • Apple Watch Series 4 or later with cellular, or Apple Watch SE with cellular (watch OS 7.2 above)

You can check the software version of your iPhone in "Settings". For Apple Watch, you can confirm by going to "Watch" then "General".

Afterwards, switch off your watch then switch it on. Try to activate FamilyConnect again.

FamilyConnect Frequently Asked Questions

What is StarHub FamilyConnect?​

StarHub’s FamilyConnect lets you use your iPhone to set up and manage your family member’s Apple Watch, connecting it to StarHub’s mobile network. Each Apple Watch will have its own mobile number, to make or receive calls and messages, use Siri, use Maps, and more. With FamilyConnect and Apple Watch Family Setup, your family member’s Apple Watch can be used with its own phone number and account.

What is the difference between FamilyConnect and Numbershare?

FamilyConnect allows you to connect a family member’s Apple Watch to StarHub’s mobile network. Each Apple Watch can then make or receive calls and messages, use Siri, use Maps, and more - with their own number and account. Ideal for family members such as a child who doesn’t have their own iPhone. NumberShare allows you to share your iPhone’s mobile plan and phone number with your Apple Watch.

What do I need to be eligible for FamilyConnect?
  • You will also need to download the latest carrier settings (version 45.1 on your iPhone and version 15.1 on your Apple Watch) by following these steps:

    • On your iPhone, go to Settings > General > About and if prompted follow the steps to update to the latest carrier settings

    • After pairing your Apple Watch, on your watch, go to Settings > General > About and if prompted follow the steps to update to the latest carrier settings.
  • A StarHub Mobile+/4G mobile plan

    • Mobile+ $69 / $99 / $129 / $169 2-year plan​

    • 4G $55 2-year plan

    • 4G $25 SIM Only plan no contract and 1-year plans​

    • $8 SIM only no contract plan​

Can I subscribe to multiple mobile lines with FamilyConnect?​

The number of mobile lines you can sign up for varies as it is subjected to each customer’s eligibility​.

Can I enjoy FamilyConnect with an existing Apple Watch?

Most certainly! As long as you have an eligible Apple Watch, iPhone and mobile plan, you will be able to sign up for FamilyConnect. Head down to any StarHub Shops to sign up.

Can I still use FamilyConnect if I accidentally deleted it from my Apple Watch?

Yes you can. You will need to re-activate FamilyConnect on your watch by following the simple steps in the set-up guide. A one-time charge of $12.11 applies upon subscription or reactivation of FamilyConnect.

If you’re re-activating FamilyConnect for the sixth time or above, the eSIM profile download charge of $10.90 applies.

Can I transfer my FamilyConnect service to a new Apple Watch?​

Most certainly. Simply complete the steps on the set-up guide to activate FamilyConnect on your new watch. A one-time charge of $12.11 applies upon subscription or reactivation of FamilyConnect.

Can I have both NumberShare and FamilyConnect at the same time on the same Apple watch?​

Yes you can have both NumberShare and FamilyConnect services on the same Apple Watch. However, only one service can be active at any time.

Can I subscribe to International Roaming service with FamilyConnect on my Apple Watch?

Unfortunately, International Roaming will not be supported together with FamilyConnect.

Can I subscribe to SmartSupport for my Apple Watch?

Unfortunately, SmartSupport will not be applicable for Apple Watches.

What’s the maximum number of Apple Watch devices that I can pair with an iPhone?

Each iPhone may pair up to 6 Apple Watch devices, but only one of them can be subscribed to NumberShare.

Will the Apple Watch line on FamilyConnect consume my phone’s main plan entitlements?

The Apple Watch paired to your iPhone via FamilyConnect will not consume your phone’s plan entitlements. You would have signed up for a separate mobile plan to be used for the Apple Watch on FamilyConnect, and the plan entitlement shall follow that of the separate mobile plan.