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Voice over WiFi

What is Voice over WiFi (VoWIFI)?

Voice over WiFi (VoWIFI) lets you make HD quality calls on WiFi connections. It also allows you to automatically switch connections without interruptions. No additional subscription charge or app download is required.

How do I know if the calls I make will be on VoWIFI, is there any indicator of this capability?

A VoWIFI indicator (StarHub Wi-Fi) will be shown on the notifications/status bar.

What happens when you make a call on VoWIFI?

You can make a call to any mobile number or fixed land line regardless of whether the other party is on VoWIFI. You are also able to receive calls on the VoWIFI.

How do I know if the calls I make will be on VoLTE? is there any indicator of this capability?

You will see that the VoWIFI indicator/icon has switched to a VoLTE icon. Note that iphones may not display a VoLTE indicator.

How does a VoWIFI connection look like on my phone?

for iphone

For iPhone

for samsung

For Samsung

How do I enable VoWIFI on my iPhone?


To enable, go to Settings - Cellular - select “Wi-Fi Calling”.


In the menu, slide the “Wi-Fi calling on this iPhone” to enable the switch (shown in green).


Once completed, under Settings, you can see “StarHub Wi-Fi” in the Carrier category and “StarHub Wi-Fi” on the top left.

How do I enable VoWIFI on my Samsung phone?


To enable, go to Settings – Connections – look for Wi-Fi Calling


Under Wi-Fi Calling, slide the switch to the right to enable (shown in blue)


Tap again, and you can see the Wi-Fi Calling is turned on


You can see the Wi-Fi calling icon on the top right

How do I enable VoLTE on my iPhone?


To enable, go to Settings – Cellular – select Cellular Data Options


Go to Cellular Data Options – Select “Enable 4G” option.


Go to “Enable 4G”, select “Voice & Data” to enable VoLTE. Once done, restart your phone.

What happens when you walk/move out of WIFI coverage?

Your call will be continued through on StarHub’s 4G network through the VoLTE technology.

When I move back to WIFI coverage area, will my calls revert back to VoWIFI?

Yes, it is possible to continue your call through VoWIFI.

Will call details such as Caller ID, Call Forwarding/waiting and Barring be available?

Yes, all these services remain as per the usual voice call service now. Note that Missed call alerts will only be received if mobile coverage resumes.

Will I be able to call the Police/Civil Defence or any other Emergency numbers?

Yes, you can call these numbers in case of emergency just like how you do on normal voice calls as long as you have mobile network coverage.

Will there be extra charges for using VoWIFI?

No. Calls made over VoWIFI will be deducted from your current mobile subscription. Any excess usage above bundled minutes will be charged prevailing local rates.

Will I be able to call overseas numbers using VoWIFI?

Yes. The calls will be charged at prevailing IDD rates and talktime will be deducted from the current mobile subscription.

When I be able to make calls on VoWIFI when I am Roaming Overseas?

No, calls made while roaming will be made through VoLTE or 3G.

Can I send SMS on StarHub’s VoWIFI?

No. You can only make calls; you will not be able to send SMS on VoWIFI.

Will my devices connected to iCloud also enjoy VoWIFI?

No. StarHub will not be providing iCloud connected devices with VoWIFI.

Why are my minutes still deducted when I am making the call over my own WiFi network?

StarHub’s VoWiFi service allows you to make calls from your WiFi network and continue the call seamlessly through StarHub’s Mobile network. Although other calling apps allow you to make voice calls over WiFi, they are unable to maintain the same continuity when you move between WiFi and Mobile networks.