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Prepaid Plans Cessation FAQ

Prepaid Plans Cessation

What prepaid services have been discontinued?

The following prepaid services have been discontinued with effect from 1 December 2022.

• 600MB with Amazon Prime

• LINE and WeChat plans

• WOW IDD plans

• Philippines IDD Pack

• Happy IDD 016 Plan

• Happy Xtra

• Free Local/Global SMS Promotion

Why is StarHub no longer offering these prepaid services?

We’re always reviewing our offers to ensure that we meet the changing lifestyles of our customers.

I’ve purchased the service prior to 1 December 2022, can I continue to use it?

Yes, you can continue to use the service till its expiry.

What plan or pack can I subscribe to as an alternative to the discontinued offers?

You can get 10GB of data, 500 mins local calls and 50 SMS with our $10 4-week data plan. To stay connected with friends and relatives overseas, you can get $100 worth of IDD credits, 120GB data, and more if you get the $25 4-week data plan.

Will my prepaid services be affected by the discontinuation of these offers?

The discontinuation will not affect your prepaid services and you can continue to use SMS, voice, and data as usual.

Where can I top up or buy data plans for my prepaid mobile?

You can top up or buy data plans via StarHub Prepaid app []. You can also dial *123# or go to StarHub authorized retailers, 7-Eleven and Cheers.