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Limit of 10 Postpaid SIM Cards per Subscriber

What is the maximum number of lines each customer is allowed to sign up for?

As regulated by the Infocomm Media Development Authority, each subscriber is only allowed to sign up for maximum of 10 mobile lines with each telecommunications operator. Mobile lines under the Corporate Individual Scheme (CIS) and Data-only mobile lines are excluded.

To check if you are using a CIS or Data-only mobile line, you may refer to your bill. Your bill will indicate if you enjoy CIS benefits or using a data-only line.

How do I check the number of lines that I am currently subscribed to?

For StarHub Postpaid mobile lines or Star Plan, you may do so via the StarHub App.

For giga services, you can check it on the giga app.

StarHub Postpaid mobile lines, Star Plan and giga services will count towards your total line count. e.g., You have 3 Postpaid mobile lines, 2 Star Plans and 2 giga lines. Total line count will be 7.

I was informed that I have reached the maximum number of mobile lines allowed. How can I sign up for a new line?

If you are planning to sign up for Star Plan, you may switch an existing StarHub Postpaid mobile line to Star Plan. You may perform the switch here.

Alternatively, you may also sign up for a mobile line under the Corporate Individual Scheme.

You may also terminate unused mobile lines or perform a transfer of ownership for the mobile line(s).

To terminate a mobile line:

  • For StarHub Postpaid mobile lines and Star Plan, you can do so via the StarHub App. Select "More", "Cancel line" and follow the on-screen instructions. Kindly note that cancellations for Star Plan will only take place at the end of your current plan cycle.
  • For giga services, please visit the giga app.

To transfer ownership of your Postpaid mobile line(s):

  • Please proceed to our StarHub Shop located at NEX, Plaza Singapura, Jurong Point or Tampines Mall. Kindly note that both the transferer and transferree should be present, and that government-issued IDs must be presented for verification.
  • A one-time charge of $21.80 applies per mobile line.
  • Transfer of ownership is not available for Star Plan at the moment.

How do I switch my StarHub Postpaid service to a Star Plan?

Switching to a Star Plan from your current StarHub Postpaid mobile lines is a breeze with StarHub App.

1. Simply log in.

2. Follow the easy steps provided and you're good to go!

Do note that Early Termination Charges may be applicable if your StarHub Postpaid mobile line is still in contract.

I am currently subscribed to more than 10 mobile lines, will I be affected by this regulation?

Rest assured that you may continue using your existing mobile lines. However, you will not be able to sign up for a new mobile line with StarHub as mandated by the Infocomm Media Development Authority.