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Star Plan Add-on Services

What add-ons can I get for my Star Plan?

You can choose to purchase add-ons for local data, voice, SMS, and IDD. If you're going overseas, roaming add-ons are also available.

Check out the add-on services for Star Plan here.

Are these add-ons one-off or recurring?

Local add-ons can be a recurring or one-time subscription, while roaming add-ons are available as a one-time subscription.

How do I subscribe to add-ons?

You can subscribe to add-ons on the StarHub App.

Can I also purchase the SMS/voice/data/entertainment/gaming add-ons available for 4G/Mobile+ plans and prepaid mobile?

Star Plan have their own set of add-ons.

Can I remove recurring add-ons anytime?

Yes, you can remove any recurring add-on via StarHub App up to 1 hour prior to your Star Plan renewal.

Will I incur early termination charges if I remove my add-ons?

You will not incur early termination charges if you remove or change your add-ons.

I purchased adds-on but did not use them. Can I get a refund?

Successful orders are non-refundable.

When do add-ons expire?

All local add-ons are valid till the next renewal date of your Star Plan regardless of when they're purchased.