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Business Reply Envelope (BRE)

This self-help Business Reply Envelope (BRE) is part of StarHub’s Green Movement initiative. To make any changes to your credit card payment, you may update the details in the payment slip and mail it using the self-help BRE.

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Conditions of Use

Please follow the instructions for printing, folding and sealing the envelope.

  • The BRE shall be used only to send a completed recurring credit card payment slip for processing.
  • Please remember to enclose your completed and signed payment slip.
  • Please do not write your credit card details on the BRE.
  • Please do not use this envelope for other purposes and do not send cash to us by post.
  • Please note that mail posted using this BRE will be opened by StarHub’s appointed agent/bank, and the agent/bank has the right to go through the mail content.
  • StarHub shall not be held liable for delayed or non-processing of payment instructions, if the mail content is not securely packed or if you do not comply with the printing, folding and sealing instructions for the BRE.
  • StarHub and its appointed agent/bank shall, in no event, be responsible for missing or rejected mail, and/or in the event where the mail content was cut, defaced or destroyed.

How to fold & seal the self-help BRE

Can I still receive the BRE?

As part of StarHub’s Green Movement initiative, from 1 September 2016 onwards, we will no longer enclose the Business Reply Envelope (BRE) for Consumer customers. You can still download the BRE.

Why did StarHub decide to remove the BRE?

This is part of StarHub’s Green Movement initiative to reduce our carbon footprint on the environment and be environmentally responsible.

What is StarHub self-help Business Reply Envelope (BRE)?

StarHub self-help BRE is an electronic version of StarHub’s Business Reply Envelope. Its use is subject to the StarHub self-help BRE Conditions of Use.

What benefits does the self-help BRE offer?

This service lets you conveniently download the self-help BRE whenever you wish to make changes to your existing recurring credit card payment arrangement. This reduces paper usage, ultimately saving trees and the environment.

What software do I need to download self-help BRE?

You need Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF (Version 7 and above) to view the self-help BRE. If you do not have this freeware, you can download a copy at