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Linksys Router Firmware Upgrade

What is this firmware upgrade about?

A new firmware was deployed to Linksys EA7500 and Linksys EA8100 to support viewing of free-to-air channels on the TV+ set-top box. This was completed in 2020.

How do I know if the firmware has been upgraded?

You can check the version of the firmware from the Linksys app:

• For EA8100:

• For EA7500:

After logging into the Linksys app, tap on the menu icon at the left top corner of the dashboard. Tap on "Network Administration", then select the name of the router. The firmware version will be displayed within this screen (at the bottom).

Alternatively, if you can go to the web GUI with IP, it also means that the firmware has already been upgraded.

The firmware had just been upgraded moments ago, but now some of my devices are unable to surf, what should I do?

If only some of your devices are not able to surf, please reboot the router again. Some devices may still cache on the old gateway IP

I have static IP setting in my client (e.g. laptop, desktop, NAS, etc.) with fixed IP for device, gateway, subnet mask, and DNS, what should I do after the firmware upgrade?

After the firmware upgrade, the router IP has been changed to, if you are using static IP in your client, please set the following in your client:

    • Client device IP: 192.168.10.x (x is the number between 2 - 254)
    • Subnet mask:
    • Default gateway:
    • DNS:

How do I manually upgrade my router’s firmware?

Please check with Linksys Support for the steps on how to manually upgrade your router’s firmware.