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Direct Carrier Billing Service for LIVENow

General Service Information

What is ‘Collect on Behalf’ Service?

Collect on Behalf service allows StarHub Postpaid Mobile Subscribers to purchase content from LIVENow and charge it to their Postpaid Bill.

Is Collect on Behalf (or Direct Carrier Billing) Service available to Prepaid or Business customer?

This service is only available to StarHub Postpaid Mobile Consumer subscribers.

How do I enjoy the Direct Carrier Billing service for LIVENow?

It’s simple and fuss-free! Simply create an account with LIVENow and select “Pay with your Phone” under Payment.

What kind of content can be purchased from LIVENow using Collect on Behalf (or Direct Carrier Billing) option?

You can purchase a yearly pass or a one-time pass under ANY category from Sport, Entertainment, Fitness, Music or Mindfulness and charge to your StarHub bill.

What specific terms and conditions are applicable to Collect on Behalf Service?

All Collect on Behalf transactions are governed by StarHub’s Service Specific Terms for Billing and/or Collection on behalf of Third Party Application Stores Service found on StarHub Corporate Website.

By enabling Collect on Behalf service on LIVENow, you agree to these Terms of Service which including allow a third party retrieving your mobile number from your mobile service provider to facilitate the provision of service.

Who can access my personal data?

Personal data you’ve given to us as your mobile operator can only be accessed by us.

During the setup of an LIVENow account, you may have disclosed your personal data to them. Refer to LIVENow’s Privacy Policy for details.

Will I receive a notification to authorise the purchase?

Yes. A one-time password (OTP) will be sent via SMS to the mobile number you wish to charge to. You are required to input this OTP to complete the purchase.

I changed my SIM Card and the Collect on Behalf (or Direct Carrier Billing) option is not shown.

Below are the reasons the Collect on Behalf (Or Direct Carrier Billing) option is not showing:

1) The SIM Card you’ve replaced is from another Operator. If so, StarHub’s Direct Carrier Billing service is not applicable.

2) Your device is not connected to StarHub’s Mobile network after replacing a new SIM Card from StarHub. Do try again after you have switch to our Mobile network.

How can I enjoy the Collect on Behalf (or Direct Carrier Billing) Service on my device?

It’s easy and fuss-free! Simply ensure your device is connected to our Mobile network.

How do I charge LIVENow events to my StarHub bill?

It’s simple, follow the below steps to charge LIVENow events to your bill.

Step 1: Create a LIVENow account.

DCB Service for LIVENow 1

Step 2: Select the category and event.

Example: Sports > Next LIVE Events > Italy v Spain

DCB Service for LIVENow 2

Step 3: Select type of purchase options.


DCB Service for LIVENow 3

Step 4: Select “Pay with your Phone”.

DCB Service for LIVENow 4

Step 5: Enter your mobile number.

DCB Service for LIVENow 5

Step 6: Enter the one-time password (OTP) sent to your mobile number.

Reminder: Do not disclose this OTP to anyone.

DCB Service for LIVENow 6

Step 7: You are done!

DCB Service for LIVENow 7


Why is Collect on Behalf (or Direct Carrier Billing) Service not available to me?

It is not available as your mobile service may be barred or blocked from using carrier billing service via PRS Barring.

What is the monthly spending limit, and can it be changed?

There is a spending limit of minimum $50 worth in any calendar month and such amount applies to all Application Stores / Service Providers.

The monthly spending limit is FIXED and determined by StarHub and cannot be changed unless otherwise approved by StarHub. The monthly spending limit will, however, be reset on the first day of each calendar month.

If you have reached the designated spending limit, you can switch to alternative payment methods to complete your purchases.

Bill Presentation or Charges on StarHub Bill

How will the purchase look on my bill?

All charges will appear under the Mobile Service used at the time of purchase.

Transactions will appear under a section called:

“Itemised Usage Details > Collect of Behalf Goods/Services”.

LIVENow transactions will appear under sub-section: “LiveNow”.

Transaction details will include following details:

  • Date and time of purchase
  • Charges

Will I be charged an additional 9% GST on purchases made using Collect on Behalf Service?

StarHub will not charge additional GST on top of the listed price.

Will I also receive an invoice or receipt for my purchases from LIVENow?

Yes, you’ll receive an SMS from Boku, LIVENow’s authorised payment agent for every purchase made.

Your transaction history is also available via your LIVENow account.

I have been overcharged for a transaction. How do I resolve this?

Don’t worry, there’s help available to resolve this. Do prepare the proof of being overcharged and you may contact Boku via any of the below channels:


Support Help web portal:

Transaction History, Refunds functionality, Customer Support Contact, Billing Help links


Transaction History, Refunds

Phone support: 31584215

(Monday-Friday – 9am-5pm)

Transaction History, Refunds

Accessing LIVENow Content

I need help on the content available on LIVENow or the content I have purchased. What do I do?

You may refer to LIVENow’s FAQ for more details.