Fancy a new phone, but don’t want to get tied to a contract? With EasyGo, our new instalment payment method you can now enjoy extra savings on the mobile device of your choice with SIM Only plans. This is an easier way to get your hands on your dream phone!

Still uncertain to sign up for EasyGo? Well, let’s help you decide why you should sign up for EasyGo.

No upfront payment

Say goodbye to paying out a big amount of cash! Now, you can own a new device with $0 upfront payment and pay for in monthly instalments over 12 or 24 months. So, say hello to a new mobile phone without draining your cash reserves or savings!

No interest fees

Apart from owning a new mobile device with $0 upfront payment, you will also enjoy 0% interest on your monthly instalments. Yes, you have the change to pay your desired mobile device at 0% interest either in 12 months or 24 months. Isn’t that amazing?

No contract

This means you aren’t locked into a plan for two years. Moreover, you are in full control and can choose to terminate your SIM Only plan anytime you want. Simply pay the remaining instalments on your device. If you are on a SIM Only 1-year plan, we recommend that you wait for your contract to be over since an early termination fee will apply. 

Additional discount 

When you choose the EasyGo payment method, you’ll get to avail an additional discount. You may use your loyalty voucher at point of recontract or trade in your existing device at point of sign-up or recontract to offset the payment of the device of your choice. However, do note the discounts will be spread equally over your instalment period.

There you go!

Have you decided to sign up for our new instalment payment method, EasyGo? All new and existing StarHub customers can sign up for EasyGo, but it is subject to eligibility. 

We know you are excited about EasyGo! It is currently applicable with our SIM Only no contract or 1-year plans.

Visit the nearest StarHub Shop to sign up for EasyGo!