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Switching from StarHub Postpaid to Star Plan

Can I switch my current StarHub mobile line to a Star Plan?

Absolutely! Switching to any Star Plan from your existing postpaid or prepaid mobile lines is easy - just a few taps away on our StarHub App.

How do I upgrade to Star Plan?

Simply log on to StarHub App and tap "More". Select "Switch to Star Plan" and follow the steps.

How will I know if my request to switch to Star Plan is a go?

You'll get a notification on the StarHub App and SMS once your request submission is successful. This request should be completed within minutes. Cue the digital high-fives!

How long does it take to switch to Star Plan?

You should be switched to Star Plan within few minutes of successful submission of your request.

Do I need a new SIM card to enjoy Star Plan?

You can enjoy Star Plan without changing the SIM Card. However, do get a 5G SIM card via the StarHub App if you don't already have one.

My StarHub Postpaid Mobile service is still in contract. Can I upgrade to Star Plan?

Switching to Star Plan is easy. However, if you are on an existing contract, there may be charges applicable. In the unlikely event that you cannot switch to Star Plan, do chat with us for assistance.

I'm still paying off my handset instalment or EasyGo with StarHub. Can I still switch to Star Plan?

Yes, you can! However, your EasyGo instalment plan will be cancelled and the remaining balance will be charged to your final bill.

Can I transfer my mobile broadband services to Star Plan?

We are thrilled about your interest in Star Plan! While switching of mobile broadband services to Star Plan is currently unavailable, we are working hard to bring you the best experience the soonest possible. Do stay tuned. Meanwhile, you may wish to sign up for a new Star Plan mobile line here.

My StarHub Postpaid mobile service is bundled with TV or broadband. Can I switch it to Star Plan?

Absolutely! Visit any of our shops to change your bundled service to individual services before switching to Star Plan. Early termination fees may apply if your bundled service is changed before the contract is up.

Can I switch my FamilyConnect service to Star Plan?

FamilyConnect service is currently not available for Star Plan. We are currently working on making it available for you. Stay tuned!

What will happen to my add-on services and Value Added Services (VAS) after switching to Star Plan?

As Star Plan offers its dedicated range of attractive add-ons and value-added services, the add-on services and VAS that are part of your postpaid or prepaid mobile line will not be added to your Star Plan when you switch.

My switch to Star Plan was unsuccessful. What should I do now?

Your switch to Star Plan will be processed within few minutes of successful submission. In the unlikely event that the switch to Star Plan is not completed within 30 mins, please chat with us for assistance.

I changed my mind and I want to retain my StarHub Postpaid Mobile service. Can I cancel my request to switch to Star Plan?

Requests to switch to Star Plan is non-reversible. If you have any questions concerning your Star Plan, we'd be happy to help! Please chat with us.