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Star Plan StarHub Dollars & Bonus Dollars

What are StarHub Dollars?

StarHub Dollars are credits you can use for payment during plan renewal or add-on purchase.

StarHub Dollars are exclusively for Star Plan.

What can I use StarHub Dollars for?

You can use StarHub Dollars for payment during your Star Plan renewal or add-on purchase.

How do I top up my StarHub Dollars?

You can top up your StarHub Dollars by charging them to your debit/credit card. Proceed to this link, select "Top up" and follow the on-screen flow.

Can I get a refund if I topped up too much StarHub Dollars?

Successful top-ups are non-refundable. You can use your StarHub Dollars for your next monthly plan renewals or add-on purchases.

Do StarHub Dollars expire?

There's no expiry date for StarHub Dollars as long as your mobile service is active.

What happens to my StarHub Dollars if my Star Plan is terminated?

There will be no refund for StarHub Dollars if your Star Plan is terminated.

Can I set StarHub Dollars as the default payment mode for my Star Plan renewal and purchases?

Your payments will be charged in the following order: Bonus Dollars, StarHub Dollars, and debit/credit card. This order has been preset and cannot be changed.

Can I transfer Starhub Dollars to another Star Plan number?

Yes, you can transfer your StarHub Dollars to another active Star Plan mobile number.

Will I get e-receipts for StarHub Dollar transfers?

There's no e-receipt for transfer of StarHub Dollars, but you can view the transaction records under "Activity".

I transferred StarHub Dollars to the wrong number. Can I revert the transaction?

Please contact us on the StarHub App for assistance on this matter.

What are Bonus Dollars? Where do I get them? Where can I use them?

Bonus Dollars are credits received during promotions. Similar to StarHub Dollars, you can use Bonus Dollars for payment during plan renewal or add-on purchase.

Do Bonus Dollars expire?

Bonus Dollars have a validity period of 6 months.

Can I exchange my Bonus Dollars to cash?

Bonus Dollars are not exchangable to cash. You can use them for your monthly renewal payments or add-on purchases.