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Pay bills via PayNow QR

Pay your StarHub bills conveniently anytime, anywhere with PayNow QR. You can make StarHub bill payment by scanning PayNow QR or save & upload PayNow QR on your monthly StarHub bill, a new hassle-free one-time bill payment experience!

What you'll need:

  • StarHub bill in hardcopy or online bill image in PDF.

  • Your banking log-in details include banking user ID and password or biometric login.

Participated PayNow Banks

Pay your StarHub bill using mobile banking apps from any of the following banks. Please refer to ABS website at  for the latest list of participating banks.

  1. DBS / POSB 
  2. UOB 
  3. OCBC
  4. Citibank Singapore Limited
  5. Standard Chartered Bank (SCB)
  6. HSBC
  7. Maybank
  8. ICBC
  9. Bank of China (BOC)
  10. ANZ
  11. BNP Paribas
  12. CIMB Bank Berhad
  13. Deutsche Bank
  14. J.P. Morgan
  15. Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (SMBC)

Improved customer experience

√  Scan or capture PayNow QR on the StarHub payment slip to make bill payment.

√  Your StarHub billing account number and outstanding balance automatically appear on your banking app each time you wish to pay bill.

√  A banking system notification (eg: SMS, Email) will be sent upon completion of the payment transaction.

√  SMS notification will be sent to your StarHub mobile contact number upon successful payment made via PayNow QR.

√  Successful bill payment with valid billing details will be updated into your StarHub billing account the next business day.

Ways to Pay


Scan PayNow QR to Pay Bill

1. Open your PayNow QR supported banking app.

2. Tap on Scan to Pay or QR Pay on the banking app.

3. Scan PayNow QR on your StarHub bill.

4. Ensure your StarHub Billing Account No (example: 1.12345678S) is included under “Bill Reference No” and Payable Amount are populated on the banking app.

5. Confirm and submit your PayNow request.

6. Transaction is complete.

Upload PayNow QR code to Pay Bill

If you are accessing your StarHub bill on a mobile phone, you may screenshot and import the PayNow QR image into the banking app when making payment.

1. Open your PayNow supported banking app.

2. Look for upload QR image or photo gallery to upload PayNow QR code.

3. Ensure your Postpaid Billing Account No (example: 1.12345678S) is included under “Bill Reference No” and Payable Amount are populated on the banking app.

4. Confirm and submit your PayNow request.

5. Transaction is complete.


For assistance or steps to make PayNow QR via banking app, please refer to respective PayNow participating bank websites for assistance.

Visit our Payment FAQ to find out more about bill payment.