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Surf on Wireless Broadband

Getting Started On StarHub Wireless Broadband

Set-up for Wireless Broadband

To get connected, you need:

1. A wireless (WiFi) enabled laptop or PDA

- with IEEE802.11b/g compliant built-in wireless device

2. A laptop or PDA with an external wireless network interface card

- wireless network interface card must be IEEE802.11b/g compliant.

3. A StarHub Wireless Broadband account

Note: Recommended OS for laptop, Windows XP/Windows Vista.

Go wireless with these easy steps!

Step 1

Select your network ID (SSID) to "ACCESS-StarHub". For Wireless@SG coverage areas, select "Wireless@SG". Login with your Hub iD or StarHub Mobile Number (Gee! iD) and password.

Step 2

Select "M1 Net" as your service provider in Wireless@SG coverage and key in the Username field with "hub/" or "gee/" (non-case sensitive) followed by User ID and "" prefixed at the back. Your Username will appear as either "hub/" or “gee/”.

Step 3

If your Hub iD is in the email format, E.g., please replace the “@” with “#” to login. Your Username will then appear as “hub/”. You are now ready to surf!