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$28 Happy 128 Top-up

What is $28 Happy 128 Prepaid Top-up?

$28 Happy 128 Top-up is recommended if you make frequent local calls/SMS and international calls/SMS. You will enjoy the following benefits:




$100 worth of local calls/SMS (excluding calls to 1900/IDD/15xx)

$28 worth of IDD calls/SMS (inclusive of local airtime charges of IDD calls)

10 MB for 3 days


50 days

IDD and local calls made using the 15xx prefix will be deducted from main wallet balance if any. Please note that this plan does not top up your main wallet.

Can I purchase Happy 128 Top-up on any existing StarHub Happy Prepaid SIM?

You may purchase the Happy 128 Top-up on your existing active StarHub Happy Prepaid SIMs (excluding the StarHub Prepaid Internet SIM) to enjoy the 128 worth of benefits.

Where can I buy Happy 128 Prepaid Top-up?

You can buy the Happy 128 Prepaid Top-up at StarHub Shops, StarHub Exclusive Partners, selected 7-Eleven stores, Cheers convenience stores, SingPost or UOB Foreign Exchange counters located at Changi Airport.

You can also purchase it electronically via AXS / NETS Self Service Station / SAM / DBS/POSB ATMs / OCBC ATMs and via StarHub Prepaid App.

Is there a limit to how many times I can top up Happy 128?

No, but there is a cap on the total amount/balance that your wallet can carry at all times. The cap is $500 worth of local services balance and $140 worth of international services. In addition, the amount that you top up will only be valid for 50 days and all unused balance will expire upon the expiry of 50 days. To monitor and better manage your wallet/account balance, please download the Happy Prepaid App.

What will happen if I were to use up any of the benefits in Happy 128 balances?

Once you have used up any of your Happy 128 benefit balances, all subsequent charges for your local/IDD calls and local/global SMS will be deducted from your card's main balance if any. You may also top-up another Happy 128 Top-up to continue the service.

Is there any way for me to extend the expiry date of the Happy 128 benefits balances?

Yes. Simply top up another Happy 128 Top-up and you will be able to extend the expiry date of your existing balances by another 50 days from the date of top-up.

Will my card expiry be extended as well when I top-up using Happy 128 Prepaid Top-up?

Yes. Your card expiry will also be extended by another 90 days when you top up using a Happy 128 Prepaid Top-up Card.

What will happen if I do not do top up by Happy 128 Prepaid Top-up within the next 50 days?

All existing Happy 128 benefits will expire and be forfeited. Any charges for your local/IDD calls and local/global SMS will subsequently be deducted from your card's main balance if any. Hence, you may top up another Happy 128 before its expiry.

Will I still be able to enjoy your 'FREE 10 local/global SMS with 5 Sent Daily" after I top up using Happy 128 Prepaid Top-up?

Yes. In such cases, the first 5 local SMS sent within the day will be deducted from your 'Happy 128' Local Services balance (or Free Bundled SMS balance as priority if you have existing Free Bundled SMS balance). The next 10 local SMS that you send out thereafter within that day will not be chargeable. If you are sending out global SMS instead, the first 5 global SMS will be deducted from your 'Happy 128' International Services balance. After sending out 5 global SMS within the same day, you will be able to enjoy sending out the next 10 global SMS for free (Note: only valid for the day).

Will I be able to continue to enjoy FREE IDD 018 promotion?

Yes. You can enjoy free IDD charges for IDD 018 calls to Australia, Brunei, Bangladesh, Canada, China, Hong Kong, India, Laos, Macau, Malaysia, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Russia, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, United Kingdom and USA. Please do note that local airtime charge for the duration of your IDD 018 calls to any of these destinations will still be chargeable and will be deducted from your International Services balance.

How can I check my existing balances and expiry date?

To check your existing account balances and expiry date, download Happy Prepaid App or key *123# followed by the call button on your phone.