Ready to go pro?

Get the best digital experience for both work and play with Smart WiFi Pro.

Equipped with the latest WiFi 6 technology.

Ultra strong coverage

Strong, consistent and reliable WiFi coverage at home - no more WiFi dead spots.
4X lightning fast speed

Supercharged speed on your downloads and 4K streaming - no more waiting.
Connect up to 40 devices

Work and play with up to 40 connected devices at the same time with no lag or interruption.
Ultra low latency

Be a winner with low latency for the best gaming experience at home.
smart wifi wireless router

Why Smart WiFi 6?

Enhanced coverage
Powerful WiFi 6 Mesh Coverage to eliminate WiFi dead spots

Intelligent Mesh™ technology, combined with WiFi 6, is designed to deliver gigabit WiFi speeds to cover every corner of your home

Faster speed
Next-Generation WiFi Speed

Faster WiFi performance for lag-free online gaming and smoother HD streaming to any device, providing 4x** more speed compared to WiFi 5 standard.


Handles 40+ connected devices at gigabit WiFi speed

WiFi 6 sends and receives multiple streams of data simultaneously, providing up to 4x* more WiFi capacity to handle more mobile, streaming, gaming, and smart home devices.


Lower Latency for Online Gaming

4x* more capacity enables to provide a lower latency and enhanced online gaming experience over WiFi


Full list of tech specs


Recommended minimum number of StarHub Smart WiFi Pro units based on your housing type

smart wifi 6

1-3 Bedrooms

Estimated area
500 - 1200 (sqft) / 46 - 110 (sqm)

smart wifi 6 set of 2

4-5 Bedrooms

Estimated area
1200 - 2500 (sqft) / 110 - 230 (sqm)

smart wifi 6 set of 3

5 Bedrooms and above,
Landed and Multi-storey home

Estimated area
2500 - 5000 (sqft) / 230 - 460 (sqm)

As each home is different, the number of units needed depends on various factors such as housing type, size and the usage. If the first unit of Smart WiFi is located at the entrance of your home, more units of Smart WiFi Pro is recommended for the best WiFi coverage. 

Easy set up and control with the Linksys app

  • Prioritize devices that need the most speed.
  • Guest Access creation for up to 50 guests.
  • Parental Controls to ensure a safe Internet experience for your kids.
  • Conduct speed tests at home


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