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    Voucher Redemption

    It's our treat.
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    Voucher Redemption

    It's our treat.
Enjoy StarHub TV content
on us every month.

With HomeHub, you get monthly HomeHub vouchers of between $5-$8 which you can use to:
Redeem On-demand Titles

Enjoy FREE movies and other exciting titles in our Video‐on‐Demand library when you purchase via TV. Simply press the “VOD” button on your remote control now.


Purchase More Channels/Groups

Redeem additional Basic Groups or supplement your TV subscription with some of our premium Add‐On Channels/Groups. Whether it's blockbusters from HBO, top kids' series from DreamWorks Channel or the latest Asian dramas from Hub Drama First you want, simply tune-in to your desired channel to subscribe instantly. The HomeHub voucher will be applied automatically to offset the monthly subscription.


  • HomeHub voucher value depends on HomeHub plan subscription which ranges from $5/month to $8/month.
  • HomeHub voucher is not applicable for Add-On Packs.
  • If you subscribe to any of the eligible add-on channels and/or add-on groups while you are on the HomeHub plan, and subscription is effected not at point of new sales or recontract to the HomeHub plan, the pro-rated and advanced subscription charges will only be offset against your next HomeHub voucher in your subsequent bill.

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