Enjoy double the speed and non-stop entertainment

Enjoy unlimited entertainment on StarHub TV+ and Netflix, plus superfast broadband, all in one bundle.

Now with 2Gbps Fibre Broadband, you’ll get 2 dedicated 1Gbps Fibre connections, so you and your family can stream, surf, download, and catch non-stop entertainment on multiple devices all at the same time, without compromising on your broadband speed.

If you have an existing Netflix account, simply link it to your HomeHub+ subscription or create a new one.

HomeHub+ 2G



Save over $185 yearly with this bundle!




per month with 24-month contract

Looking for the best value bundle?

Get HomeHub+ 1G from just $64.90/month!



  • Valid with a 24-month contract.
  • HomeHub+ 2G with Malay+, Indian+ or Filipino+ at $84.90/month.
  • HomeHub+ 2G with Sports+ at $89.90/month.
  • HomeHub+ 2G with Entertainment+ or Asian+ at $99.90/month.
  • The 2Gbps Fibre Broadband service consists of two (2) 1Gbps lines. When both lines are running concurrently, the sum of the download speed is up to 2Gbps and the sum of upload speed is up to 1Gbps.
  • StarHub Broadband with a StarHub Smart WiFi (Nokia WiFi Beacon 1)/Smart WiFi Pro (Linksys MX4200) or a wired connection to Linksys EA8100/EA7500 router are required to access Free-to-air channels on your StarHub TV+ box.

What’s in this bundle

Double the bandwidth and coverage

Unlimited entertainment

Switch between Netflix &
StarHub shows with ease

Watch anytime, anywhere
on any device


1 TV+ Pass

  • Switch between 6 Passes from the 2nd month onwards and once per month
  • Watch subscribed and Free-to-Air channels on the big screen via the StarHub TV+ box included
  • Watch anytime, anywhere, on any device via StarHub TV+ app
free-to-air channels with Smart WiFi Pro
Free-to-air Channels

  • Free-to-air channels: Channel 5, Channel 8, Channel U, Channel News Asia, Suria, Vasantham
  • For new sign up or recontract to HomeHub+ 2G: StarHub Broadband with StarHub Smart WiFi Pro is included for you to enjoy Free-to-air channels on your StarHub TV+ box.
2gbps fibre broadband
2Gbps Fibre Broadband

netflix standard plan
Netflix Standard Plan

  • Stream on 2 devices at the same time
  • Watch Netflix on your StarHub TV+ box as well as the Netflix app
  • Keep your existing Netflix account or create a new one
  • Top up $4/month for Netflix Premium Plan (Currently up to 4 screens, and in Ultra HD subject to your device capabilities)
  • Netflix is the winner of the HWZ+HWZ Tech Awards 2020 Best Video Streaming Service Provider (Singapore).

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