Better, broader, stronger with the
all-new UltraSpeed network

No matter how unique your WiFi needs are, one thing's for sure. Enjoy ultra smooth streaming, ultra low latency, and ultra reliable connection whether you're cloud gaming, setting up your new home, streaming the latest dramas or working on large files.

The all-new UltraSpeed network taps on the latest XGS-PON fibre technology to deliver symmetrical uploads and downloads. This means up to 10x faster speeds, and WiFi that you can always rely on. It's not broadband, it's brooooooooooadest band.

  • NLT activation fee of $57.24​
  • Installation fee of $90.84 ​
  • Top up for WiFi 6 router from $121.12
  • Free Waiver of $55.41 Cancellation Fee After 3 Months
per month


  • Activation fee of $57.24 is appliable for 500Mbps and 1Gbps Fibre Broadband plans.
  • More information on Typical Broadband Speed.
  • Based on the housing type and layout of your home, more units of Smart WiFi/ Smart WiFi Pro may be required to ensure the best WiFi coverage.

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