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Well now, it seems like someone’s having a splendid day.

After all, you’ve just paid your brand-new flat a visit, and to your delight, the renovation works have all been completed ahead of schedule. So, with items like plumbing, flooring and electrical wiring checked off the list, it’s time to start furnishing the place for real.  

Of course, you don’t need anyone, much less this article, to remind you that bedrooms need beds, among other essentials, but like many new flat owners, you might need some assistance creating the “smart home” of your dreams.

Even if this isn’t your first home purchase, don’t worry – entry is 100% free. From versatile, pocket-sized projectors to smart, AI-powered WiFi routers, we’ve collated a number of handy devices that you’ll definitely want to consider for your new abode.


Liven up your Living Room


-         Smart TV

Now, you’ll see the word “smart” used plentifully in this article, but that’s primarily because digital technology and artificial intelligence is everywhere these days. Needless to say, our TVs are no exception, and many of today’s smart TVs put a vast number of entertainment services and content right at our fingertips.

As long as you’ve got a working (and stable!) Internet connection, all you really need to complete the quintessential home entertainment package is a solid audio setup and programmes to watch. Naturally, the former will require a little more thought depending on your personal tastes, but the latter should be easy enough to find through services like Netflix and Disney+. While you’re at it, you might as well look into bundle deals too, as they’ll save you a significant amount of cash in the long run.


-         Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

Affectionately referred to as “Roombas” by most after the introduction of the original in 2002, automated robot vacuums have become a staple in many modern households, and for good reason.

While they might not be faster than the average person at completing the task, they definitely save us loads of time, which we can then spend doing other, more important things. Modern iterations of the device, such as those from Xiaomi can even be activated remotely and programmed to avoid obstacles using high-tech sensors, so you don’t have to do the “heavy lifting” yourself, especially after a hard day’s work!



Bolster your Bedrooms


-         Smart Projectors

Here’s yet another “smart” device, though it might be better suited for the living room than the bedroom. Yet, we’ve filed it here because some smart projectors are actually small and portable enough that they can be used from the comfort of our beds!

It’s not just about their size, either. In addition to being easier to manage than the conventional, blocky projectors that come to mind, some smart projectors also come with in-built speakers and Bluetooth connectivity.

This essentially makes them all-in-one entertainment platforms ready to go at the push of a button, and we’ll even toss in an extra tip on the house (no pun intended). If you’re feeling really lazy, you can try projecting your favourite shows on the ceiling while lying in bed. Sure, it’s absolutely sinful, but who’s counting?


-         Smart WiFi, WiFi Extenders, and Mesh Units

Admittedly, this entry is somewhat situational, but for the uninitiated, WiFi extenders and mesh units perform similar roles – they help ensure that every inch of your home has stable WiFi.

Depending on where your WiFi router is located relative to the bedroom (or any other room in question, really), the position of walls and doors can negatively impact the stability of your connection. These obstructions are a key cause of WiFi “dead spots” in some areas of your home, which can be infuriating to discover after all the work that’s gone into furnishing it.

Setting one of these devices up nearby or in the bedroom itself can help to improve the connection, allowing us to enjoy our favourite Netflix shows undisturbed. Alternatively, investing in a Smart WiFi router can also help – these cutting-edge bits of tech are programmed to automatically switch to the optimal WiFi channels, thereby minimising connectivity issues.


Kitting out the Kitchen


-         Smart Refrigerators

Indeed, not even the humble refrigerator is safe from the march of digital technology, but then again, having more utility is always helpful.

On top of being immensely customisable depending on the user’s needs, did you know that some of today’s smart refrigerators are even capable of recommending dishes based on the inventory of foods stored within?

It’s utterly amazing, though we do say so ourselves, and if you’ve got enough change left in your pocket after picking up other home essentials, you can actually look into buying one of these for your new home. Sure, having a smart refrigerator might be more of a luxury than a necessity, but a sleek, shiny and digitally-enhanced model will never fail to dazzle visitors – after all, if you haven’t noticed before, they are usually the first thing people check out in a kitchen!

starhub broadband for smart homes

Enjoy your new “smart home”!


Many thanks for sticking with us throughout!

Certainly, this list is far from exhaustive, and while there are a number of other smart appliances that we’d have liked to feature, it’s impossible to cover every single one. Technology is such a vast plane nowadays, and there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for every home.

What is common across the board, however, is how important a stable WiFi is to our modern, fast-paced lifestyles. So, if you need some assistance improving your existing connection, we’ve got a number of tips that you might find helpful. Or, if you’ve just gotten your keys (congratulations, by the way!) and are looking to get something completely new set up, we’ve got you covered right here.