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Apart from pricing, what do you think is the main difference between buying a new t-shirt versus a mobile phone? Among loads of possible answers, one of them is probably that you don’t have to sign contracts for the former.

Most of us are probably quite familiar with how contract-based mobile packages work these days too. They’ve become a mainstay of modern telco offerings, to say the least, but if given a choice, we know we’d sleep much easier if our shiny new smartphone didn’t come with any contractual baggage.

In other words, sometimes you just want the phone without the proverbial paperwork. And sometimes, you don’t even need a new phone at all, especially if your current model is chugging along just fine.


Enter the SIM Only plans


This is the exact niche that the SIM Only plans are meant to fill. The term itself is quite self-explanatory, but understandably, confusion arises when others come into the picture. Fear not, however, as we won’t be dealing with those today.

Rather, we’ll focus only on which SIM Only plan best suits your needs. Specifically, depending on whether you need it for light work, or heavy-duty taskings.

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4G $25 SIM Only (No Contract)/4G $25 SIM Only (1-year Plan)


As the saying goes, “When in doubt, just go back to the basics.”.

At first glance, strutting around with 80 GB of mobile data every month might seem like overkill, but believe us when we say that it never hurts to have more in this day and age.

This is the “quintessential” SIM Only contract-less package if you don’t really need 5G-level bandwidth, but still require a healthy amount of data for calling, texting, and other general-purpose tasks.

At just $25.23/mth usually (it’s currently $20.23/mth!), you’ll get all of that and much more. Numerically speaking, every GB of data will set you back just 32 cents, making this option immensely value-for-money. Plus, it even offers free International Roaming, in the event you decide to travel out of town over 2023’s various “long weekends”.


It’s the best mobile plan for the “average joe”


As a matter of fact, you might even want to check out the 1-year variant of the plan, which is currently running a time-exclusive offer for the Lunar New Year. Not only does it ship with a free 3-month Amazon Prime subscription, but also offers 40GB of extra data, all for the exact same price.

Apart from standard everyday tasks, you’ll have more than enough data to supply light gaming sessions on the go as well. For reference, the average MOBA game eats up less than 100MB of data per match, and both the regular and time-exclusive packages offer a 1-month subscription to NVIDIA GeForce NOW on the house if you’d like to dabble in other games.

In short, you could consider this the SIM Only version of 3-in-1 coffee – it’s got all you need in one convenient package, poses absolutely no risk of you breaking the bank, and does away with the contractual paperwork to boot.

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Mobile+ $38 SIM Only (1-year Plan)/Mobile+ $45 SIM Only (1-year Plan)


Being able to complete day-to-day stuff is all well and good, but if you need to get some real work done, then this is probably where you’ll want to start looking.

Notably, the key difference between the standard SIM Only plans, like the ones mentioned above and Mobile+ offerings is that the latter provides 5G access.

Primarily, this means you’ll have improved speeds and bandwidth compared to the former, making it a great pick for busy executives who might need to download lots of documents or are always on the go.

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Great for busy executives or those with young children


On top of having (relatively) more mobile data than the aforementioned 4G SIM Only picks, you will also enjoy a full-on Disney+ subscription for free. With that in mind, there is actually an argument for “family men” to pick either one of these up, seeing as the young ones will enjoy the diverse swath of content available on the platform.

Even if you’re not a big fan of Disney+, you’re still enjoying 120GB of mobile data at just $38.36/mth ($28.36/mth after applying discounts).

That’s already quite a solid deal in itself, but if you need even more mobile data, you could go one tier up to the 140GB option. This comes in at $45.42/mth ($35.42/mth after applying discounts), and that staggering amount of data should be more than enough for even the busiest of executives!


Great value? It’s all part of the (mobile) plan


Admittedly, it’s tricky to compare both sets of options side-by-side, since they inherently cater to different crowds. One feels better suited for the everyday man (or woman), while busy corporate executives might get more mileage out of the other.

The only common denominator is that they do away with the contracts, and for many, that’s exactly the solution they’re looking for. Of course, we’d recommend taking a closer look just so you know what each of these options bring to the table.

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