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Most of us are well-acquainted with how 2-year contract plans work. We pay an initial percentage upfront for the phone and plan, then service the remainder via monthly instalments. It’s a simple, easy to understand, and generally effective system.

Yet, while this system is straightforward, it is also notoriously inflexible, which can be a concern when life throws unexpected challenges our way. This might potentially result in early termination fees and other hassles, though (thankfully!) there are alternatives, like StarHub’s no-contract SIM-only Star Plan.

SIM-only vs. 2-year Contract Plans

But before we dive into what Star Plan is and how it changes the game, let’s review how regular SIM-only and 2-year contract plans differ.

  SIM-only Plans 2-year Contracts
What am
I paying for?
  • Mobile plan
  • Mobile plan
  • Device
How am I charged? Upfront monthly payments
Upfront device payment + monthly payments at the end of each billing cycle
What if I need more? You can purchase one-time or recurring add-ons upfront via the StarHub app. Any excess usage will be automatically added to your next bill. 
Are there early termination fees?
Yes, unless you're on our no-contract SIM-only Star Plan. Early termination fees will always apply.

Why Star Plan: A flexible and value-centric SIM-only option

Enjoy immense flexibility

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Fundamentally, Star Plan is a no-contract SIM-only option designed to shine where conventional 2-year plans simply cannot: flexibility.

It’s effectively a mobile plan that you can update anytime with no lock-ins for 12 or 24 months. Want more talktime to chat with your friends? Pick up some extra through the StarHub app. Need an additional splash of roaming data for those ad-hoc getaways? That’s easily available too. In fact, you can even opt to switch to another Star Plan subscription on the fly if the situation calls for it.

Save on a brand-new mobile phone anytime

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Conceptually, Star Plan comes with most, if not all the inherent advantages of a SIM-only plan. Primarily, this includes the freedom to enjoy mobile connectivity without needing to commit to a new phone each time.

However, should you change your mind, the option is always open, and you can choose to pick up a new device anytime via Buy Now Pay Later. This can potentially save you more than $500 compared to a 2-year contract plan, which would also normally require you to select a new phone upon subscription.

Plus, it's not just about the freedom of choice. Being able to break your payments into smaller monthly instalments – and with 0% interest on top of that – means you can enjoy even greater financial flexibility.

Say goodbye to "bill shock"

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Be it a phone plan or your electric bill, it’s important for users to know what they’re spending their hard-earned cash on.

Star Plan allows you to do just that, and ensures you’re only paying upfront for what you choose – no more, no less. This essentially means you’ll never have to deal with dreaded “bill shock” ever again.

As for what "bill shock" is, there have been many cases in the news where parents encounter monstrous phone bills (unknowingly) racked up by their children. Needless to say, such surprises are unwelcome, and in these situations, prevention is always going to be better than cure!

With Star Plan, you can easily monitor and control the various elements of your plan through the StarHub app. As such, you’ll enjoy greater peace of mind knowing you'll never fall prey to such hidden fees.

Exploring the Star Plan SIM-only options


Now that you’ve got a better idea of what Star Plan offers, let's delve into the plans themselves. Currently, StarHub has three options available: Star Plan M, Star Plan L, and Star Plan Senior, though you can certainly expect more to be added down the line.

Speaking of options, if you'd rather not use a physical SIM card, eSIM is also readily available.

Star Plan M: A well-rounded mobile plan for our digital world

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Features: 150 GB data, 1000 min local calls, 500 local & international SMS

At first glance, strutting around with 150 GB of mobile data every month might seem like overkill, but believe us when we say that it never hurts to have more in this day and age.

Star Plan M is our “quintessential” no contract SIM-only Star Plan, offering generous amounts of data, talktime, and SMS-es for just $22/mth. Numerically, this means every gigabyte of data sets you back less than 15 cents, and that’s excluding SMS and talktime. That alone already makes this option immensely value-for-money, not to mention you can easily add more if you need it.

With that said, you could consider this the SIM-only version of 3-in-1 coffee – it’s got all you need in one convenient package, poses next to no risk of you breaking the bank, and does away with the contractual paperwork to boot.

Star Plan L: A substantial mobile plan for heavy data users

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Features: 200 GB data, 1500 min local calls, 750 local & international SMS

But what if all of that still isn’t enough? What if you need to get some really heavy-duty work done on data, or are simply worried about exceeding your monthly limit watching your favourite content?

That’s hardly a problem when you’re outfitted with Star Plan L. For just $32/mth, you get absolutely jaw-dropping amounts of data, talktime, and SMS at your disposal. To top it off, we'll even throw in 2GB of roaming data that you can use for trips to Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan, or South Korea.

At the end of the day, Star Plan L is simply meant to ensure you have more than enough to go around. Be it an urgent client request that needs to be worked on, a barrage of family vacation photos to be uploaded, or even a surprise streaming session from your favourite content creator, there's no need to sweat the small stuff, ever. Feel free to live life the way you want to!

Star Plan Senior: A value-centric mobile plan for our beloved elders

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Features: 20 GB data, 1000 min local calls, 500 local & international SMS

When you or your loved ones reach that “ripe old age,” the last thing you’d want to deal with are confusing mobile plans and contractual hiccups.

Which makes our third option, Star Plan Senior absolutely perfect for the job. Although it’s exclusive to those aged 60 and above and offers a much lighter data package than Star Plan M, Star Plan Senior is also priced relatively lower at just $15/mth.

That’s more than enough to ensure our elderly parents and grandparents can stay in touch with everyone, while still having plenty left over for them to enjoy their favourite content. After all, while 20 GB of mobile data does pale in comparison to Star Plan M's 150 GB, it's still a lot!

Then again, you could also sign Mum and Dad up for Star Plan M, to begin with – whichever you think would be best for them!

Enjoy complete peace of mind with Star Plan

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At the end of the day, we all want a mobile plan that we can rely on to keep up with our lifestyles. With Star Plan, you won’t have to lose sleep over early termination fees or contractual obligations, leaving you free to live your best life.

As the cherry on top, you can even save money if you need a new phone. When you Buy Now Pay Later with Star Plan, you can not only save more than $500 on the latest smartphones compared to a 2-year contract, but can immediately take them home with you. In other words, great value is but a couple of clicks away!

This article was last updated on 8 May 2024. Listed prices are accurate at the time of publication; please check out our Star Plan page for the most current prices and offers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Need some extra help figuring out Star Plan? These might do the trick - otherwise, head on over to our FAQ page for more information.

Can I convert from a 2-year plan to Star Plan?

Definitely! The switch can be made through the StarHub app.

If you're on a SIM-only or Prepaid plan, you may make the switch at any time with no early termination fees. However, do take note that if you're currently on an EasyGo payment scheme for your SIM-only plan, you will have to pay the remaining balance for EasyGo when the switch is made. 

For those looking to switch from a 2-year contract, please refer to the corresponding table in Q1 on the following page:

Switching from StarHub Postpaid to Star Plan

What kinds of add-ons are available with Star Plan?

Star Plan subscribers can easily purchase add-ons for local data, voice, SMS, IDD, and more via the StarHub app. If you're going overseas, roaming add-ons are also available.

However, if you are switching over from an existing prepaid or postpaid plan, keep in mind that any existing add-ons and value-added services (VAS) will not carry over to your Star Plan subscription.

What if my StarHub Postpaid mobile plan is bundled with my home broadband?

Not to worry - you'll still be able to switch to Star Plan!

Simply visit any of our shops to convert your bundled services into individual ones. Once that is done, you'll be able to hop aboard Star Plan as normal, though early termination fees will apply if the change is made before the bundled contract is up.