It is typical for mobile users to ponder over whether a prepaid or postpaid mobile plan best suits them. However, choosing one over the other has become more difficult nowadays, because you must consider plenty of factors such as practicality and convenience. ​

Here are some pros and cons of both prepaid and postpaid plans to help you determine which is the best option for you.​

StarHub Postpaid



Device instalment plans

Get a new handset along with your plan. However, you need to pay a cash-out fee. Sometimes you don’t need to pay the cash-out, or instead, pay it on top of your monthly bill. 

Lock-in period

It’s a financial commitment since you’ll be locked in for 2 years. You will pay an early termination fee if you cancel it. That’s why it’s best to assess your budget before you decide to get this.


No more worrying about running out of credits since when you exceed your mobile usage allowance, you will instead get charged for your excess usage.

Risk of overspending

There is a risk of paying a bigger monthly bill once you exceed your monthly plan’s limit.

Recontract benefits

Once you fulfill your contract, you’ll be eligible for recontract, which comes with a recontract voucher. 

Late fees and penalties

It’s a must to pay your postpaid bill on time every month. Otherwise, you risk getting sanctioned.

StarHub Prepaid



No contract

There’s no set lock-in period commitment. Plus, there are no monthly fees.

Doesn’t come with a device

It does not come with a handset. If you need a new handset, you will have to purchase it separately at retail price.

Controlled spending

Easily top up your wallet depending on your needs. Basically, you’re in full control and can avoid the risk of overspending.

Requires top-up

There’s a chance of running out of credit or bundled SMS, talk time & calls. Therefore, you have to monitor your credit balance and top up when needed. ​


No hidden fees

No additional fees to pay on top of your main credit wallet. You are only paying for the top ups, and the credit balance reflects the unutilised amount. ​

Top up to extend the validity period

Prepaid cards are valid up to 180 days from the date of activation. Hence, you need to top up to extend its validity. 

We hope that we have helped you decide between prepaid or postpaid plans. To sign up for a StarHub postpaid plan, simply visit our Online Store. You may purchase a StarHub Prepaid SIM card at any of our StarHub shops.​