Double the bandwidth, double the coverage. Only with StarHub Smart WiFi!

With 2 dedicated 1Gbps Fibre connections, you and your family can stream, surf, download, or play games on multiple devices all at the same time, without slowing the broadband connection. Discover ultra-fast broadband speeds at double the bandwidth now! 

Best WiFi coverage

Eliminate dead spots in your home.
Double your bandwidth

Get ultra-fast broadband connection by having a dedicated connection for personal use and another for sharing among your family members.

Simply scan a QR code to install.

2 gbps fibre broadband
smart wifi


Plus, enjoy these perks:


per month with 24-month contract

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How do you get connected via two 1Gbps Fibre connections

Port 1 & 3 are capable to handle up to 1Gbps download and upload.Two ports concurrent download up to 2Gbps, upload up to 1Gbps.



  • Valid with a 24-month contract.
  • More information on Typical Broadband Speed.
  • Based on the housing type and layout of your home, more units of Smart WiFi may be required to ensure the best WiFi coverage. Refer here for our recommendation. 
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Setting up your connection.

What to expect from a fibre broadband installation.

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Troubleshooting your broadband service

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