Get the best entertainment bundle on Singapore's fastest network

Enjoy unlimited entertainment on StarHub TV+ and Netflix, plus superfast broadband, all in one bundle. Now made safe with our Safety Suite services. ​

From express Asian dramas, award-winning Hollywood blockbusters, exhilarating LIVE sports and world-class documentaries to popular Netflix Originals, you can watch them all anytime, anywhere, on any device.

If you have an existing Netflix account, simply link it to your HomeHub+ subscription or create a new one.

HomeHub+ 1G



Save $298 over 2 years with this bundle!



per month with 24-month contract

Want double the broadband speed?

Sign up for HomeHub+ 2G with 2Gbps Fibre Broadband


  • Valid with a 24-month contract.
  • HomeHub+ 1G with Malay+, Indian+ or Filipino+ at $63.49/month.
  • HomeHub+ 1G with Sports+ at $73.57/month.
  • HomeHub+ 1G with Entertainment+ or Asian+ at $78.63/mth for new sign-ups only.

What’s in this bundle

Unlimited entertainment

Switch between Netflix & StarHub shows with ease

Watch anytime, anywhere on any device


1 TV+ Pass

  • Switch between 6 Passes from the 2nd month onwards and once per month
  • Watch subscribed and Free-to-Air channels on the big screen via the StarHub TV+ box included
  • Watch anytime, anywhere, on any device via StarHub TV+ app
1gbps fibre broadband
1Gbps Fibre Broadband

  • For better WiFi coverage, top up $5.05/month for 24 months to get StarHub Smart WiFi
  • FREE service activation and installation
  • Top up $2.12/month for Digital Voice Home


netflix standard plan
Netflix Standard Plan

  • Stream on 2 devices at the same time
  • Watch Netflix on your StarHub TV+ box as well as the Netflix app
  • Keep your existing Netflix account or create a new one
  • Top up $4.50/month for Netflix Premium Plan (Currently up to 4 screens, and in Ultra HD subject to your device capabilities)
  • Netflix is the winner of the HWZ+HWZ Tech Awards 2020 Best Video Streaming Service Provider (Singapore).

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