Superdupercharge your Broadband

No more bickering over bandwidth. Stream, game and download all at once and on multiple devices with StarHub's new UltraSpeed Broadband that now includes the most advanced 10Gbps router built for performance! 

Whether you're working from home, e-learning, live streaming in HD or gaming like a pro, everyone at home can now enjoy lightning fast shared WiFi connection without the strain. Break the fibre barrier with the fastest Broadband for work and play that offers up to 10x the speed of 1Gbps.

Now made safe with our Safety Suite services. ​

Power up your home with UltraSpeed

10gbps Bigger Bandwidth
Bigger Bandwidth

Enjoy bigger bandwidth for worry-free WiFi connectivity on more devices
10 gbps Fastest Performance technology
Fastest Performance

Get the fastest upload and download speed that's up to 10x faster than 1Gbps Broadband

Stream, game and download simultaneously with zero lag


  • Get up to 10X the speed of 1Gbps Broadband
  • Includes the most advanced 10Gbps WiFi 6 router at no extra cost
  • Bigger bandwidth: Stream, game, download all at once, across multiple devices and many users
  • Multi-Gig WiFi Speed: Enjoy maximim upload and download speed
  • FREE activation worth $57.24​
  • FREE service installation worth $90.84


per month with 24-month contract

UltraSpeed is currently only available for Broadband standalone customers. Existing HomeHub+ customers can look forward to upgrading to UltraSpeed soon.


  • UltraSpeed Broadband plan includes 2Gbps Broadband on a 24-month contract and 10Gbps as a trial until 31 December 2023. For more details, visit our FAQ
  • UltraSpeed is currently available for new and existing standalone Broadband customers only.

Feed your bandwidth-hungry home with UltraSpeed

10gbps for work


Ace that video presentation with no buffer. 

streaming on 10gbps


Power-binge on K-dramas with no lagtime. 

game on 10gbps speed


Obliterate your enemies with blistering speed.

The smart set-up for your UltraSpeed experience

10Gbps Router
Unleash unmatched connectivity with the most advanced 10Gbps WiFi 6 router!

  • Multi-Gig WiFi 
  • Bigger bandwidth for simultaneous seamless connection on more devices
  • Mesh enabled with Smart WiFi router
  • Exclusive to StarHub!

Type of router

Nokia XS-2426X-A-ONR

WiFi Standard

AX / WiFi 6

Max WiFi Combined Bandwidth

6,000 Mbps (Dual Band)

Concurrent Transmission Streams

2.4GHz: 4x4 @ 40MHz, 1200Mbps​

5GHz: 4x4 @ 160MHz, 4800Mbps​

Internet WAN Port


10Gbps LAN Port


1Gbps LAN Ports


USB Port


Plan Suitability

UltraSpeed Broadband plan

Recommended minimum number of units based on housing type

  • 1-3 bedrooms: 1 x 10Gbps router
  • 4-5 bedrooms: 1 x 10Gbps router + 1 Smart WiFi router
  • 5 bedrooms and above, landed & multi-storey home: 1 x 10Gbps router + 2 Smart WiFi router

Upsized Entertainment with UltraSpeed

Instant gratification while watching your favourite entertainment content. No buffer, no lag, just UltraSpeed.

Add on Premier League

Enjoy LIVE matches and non-stop football action on Premier+


from $25.22 / month 

Add on Disney+

The greatest stories, all in one place. Stream the latest Disney+ content


at $11.98 / month

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Football for All

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Free 12mths Broadband with Unlimited Entertainment

Enjoy Netflix and Disney+ on us along with Premier League, F1, NBA and more


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Get a BONUS GIFT with
2Gbps Broadband

Enjoy high speed WiFi and a Smart WiFi Pro router. Plus, Disney+ and Netflix on us!


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Amazon Prime
Enjoy 3 months of Amazon Prime on us!

Simply sign up or recontract to our 1Gbps/2Gbps Fibre Broadband plans above to experience the full range of Amazon Prime membership benefits.

Surf fast, stay safe with Safety Suite
Surf fast, stay safe with Safety Suite

Get ready to be blown away by our blazing broadband speeds on Singapore’s fastest network. Now made safe with our Safety Suite services. 

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