Fancy a new phone? Want to change your current plan? Completed your two-year mobile plan contract? Then you might like to consider recontracting your StarHub mobile plan.

Recontracting is the process of renewing your contract with StarHub. You can also enjoy exclusive offers when you recontract. But, why should you recontract your StarHub Postpaid Plan? Well, recontracting your postpaid plan offers convenience and some perks! 

Get your hands on the latest devices

Get your hands on the latest gadgets available at StarHub! You just have to pay for the device cost of your desired mobile phone. What’s more, you can also get a new and possibly free handset depending on your chosen mobile plan.

Utilize your recontract voucher

Eligible recontracting customers will receive a recontract voucher which will no longer expire. The recontract voucher can be used to offset the cost of your chosen handset. Value of the recontract voucher will vary depending on the plan selected. 

Choose a plan that satisfy your needs 

Depending on the mobile plan, postpaid plans generally offer better plan benefits or inclusions like bigger data, SMS, or talk time. Simply select your mobile plan based on your needs.

Enjoy deals and promos

Enjoy exclusive bundles and promotions with StarHub's mobile plan offerings. Look forward to discounts on devices and monthly subscriptions, access to entertainment options like Antstream, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, Disney+, and many more. Find out more here.

Are you eligible for a recontract?

To be eligible:

  • You need to have an active postpaid account that has completed its contract. 
  • If you’re still under contract, you may recontract from the 12th month onwards but an early recontract fee might apply.   
  • All outstanding balances under your name must be cleared prior to recontract. 

For more information, visit here.  

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