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Pay for only what you use.

Choose between a MaxMobile Prepaid Internet SIM and MaxMobile Prepaid Bundle
comprising of a SIM card and a USB modem.
$18 MaxMobile Prepaid Internet SIM
$32 MaxMobile Prepaid Internet SIM
SIM only    
SIM + 7.2Mbps USB Modem 

$74 (inclusive of $18 SIM)

$88 (inclusive of $32 SIM)



Data bundle

5 consecutive days of Internet access with up to 2GB local data bundle daily**

Flexible data access plan of your choice

Internet service extension plans
MaxMobile Prepaid internet plans Price (7.2Mbps) Price (2Mbps)
For existing 2Mbps customers
1-day $6 $4
3-day $16 $10
7-day $25 $15
30-day (2GB) $28 NA
60-day (3.5GB) $32 NA


  • **Fair Policy usage of 2GB local data per day applies. Please see Terms & Conditions for details.
  • Choose a data plan of your choice based on flexibile daily** and hourly rates via your MaxMobile Prepaid $32 Internet SIM or when you do a top-up and enjoy data access of up to 7.2Mbps.
  • All prices are inclusive of GST.
  • MaxMobile Lite is pre-activated on all StarHub Mobile (Postpaid) services.
  • MaxMobile Lite, MaxMobile Value & MaxMobile Premium are available for subscription as a Value-added Service (ie. on top of a voice plan). MaxMobile Lite (6GB), MaxMobile Elite (6GB) & MaxMobile Elite (11GB) are available for subscription as a data pack (ie. without voice plan).
  • +Promotional Price for MaxMobile Value is valid till such date determined by StarHub.
  • **One-time registration fee of $10.70 will be waived till such date determined by StarHub.
  • ^Promotion is only valid with a 24-month contract. Promotion is valid till such date determined by StarHub.
  • Network Management Rules apply.
  • #Typical download speed range is what an end-user may experience 80% of the time at an outdoor stationary location. Full details can be found in Mobile Typical Speed Measurement or Mobile Typical Speed FAQ.
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