Resilient and reliable network connectivity contribute significantly to patient services outcomes and healthcare operations. The healthcare industry can leverage technology to advance collaboration among service providers and patients, as well as ensure security when designing digital healthcare infrastructures.

Digitalisation of communications and operations management is a first step towards improving efficiencies. Let us help you create and seize new opportunities to meet changing healthcare demands and approaches through digitalisation.

Products & Solutions

Envision 5G for Your Enterprise

With the expansion of 5G, physical and digital healthcare will continue to evolve.

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Cybersecurity Solutions

  • CyberSecure Business
  • Managed SASE
  • Mobile Threat Defense
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Data Centre & Cloud Hosting

  • Data Center
  • Managed Cloud
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StarHub 5G IoT

Build Internet of Intelligent Things with StarHub 5G IoT Platform

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5G for Business

5G is set to positively impact a broad swathe of industries, potentially putting early adopters far ahead of their competitors. 

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Protect Your Data with StarHub Backup as a service

Back up all the critical data within Microsoft 365 with StarHub Managed Backup as a service

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