Keep your business running even if your data is held to ransom


As Microsoft 365 is one of the most used business tools for collaboration, the data residing on the platform is at high risk of being attacked or even deleted due to human error.

Hence, it’s imperative to have a solution that fully backs up and ensures that all data generated within Microsoft 365 is recoverable, so that if the worst happens, your business continuity is guaranteed.


Why Back up Microsoft 365 data?


The common assumption is that Microsoft takes care of all data within the Microsft 365 platform - Exchange emails and calendar events, Teams chat and shared documents, Sharepoint drives, and OneDrive files, etc.

However, Microsoft adopts a Shared Responsibility Model that only provides assurances in terms of the availability and security of the infrastructure. Ownership of all data that resides within the Microsoft 365 platform falls on you and it's your responsibility to back it up securely.

The shift towards remote working has exacerbated the global problem of malware and ransonware, with more sophisticated attack vectors used to harm businesses, steal valuable IP, or demand money in exchange for unblocking access to critical apps.

Now more than ever, a data backup solution is needed. Introducing the StarHub Backup as a Service for Microsoft 365.


StarHub Backup as a service
for Microsoft 365


This solution ensures that your data within Microsft 365 is always protected and accessible even in the event of data loss due to cyberattacks or natural disasters.

Built using Veeam Software’s best in class solutions, StarHub Backup as a Service first makes a connection between the backup system and your Microsoft 365 subscription. You then have the choice of the following backup settings:

  • User accounts and data sources you wish to back up
  • How often they should be backed up
  • Retention period of each data source backup

Once the backups are set, they will run automatically, and be safely stored in StarHub’s cloud infrastructure until they are needed.

Backup storage
Back up your data as often as every 5 minutes and store it for specified periods of time on a single, separate and secured location on the cloud
Backup restoration
Reliable and flexible access to off-site, protected copy of your Microsoft 365 data - from a single email to a whole SharePoint site
If required to find specific files or emails – for instance in response to a PDPA request - powerful search tools help you find what you need quickly.
The StarHub advantage


  • Years of unparalleled experience in robust network, core and resilient infrastructure
  • The design, implementation, and maintenance of the backup environment will be managed fully by StarHub
  • Broad range of solutions from connectivity and cybersecurity, to smart business solutions and cloud services
  • Proven and trusted partner built on a strong ecosystem of technology partners, to power end-to-end requirements
  • Enabled with comprehensive partner ecosystem, providing efficient design and architected solutions to your business needs