Accelerate your productivity with our Enterprise Mobility Solutions


In today’s fast-paced and competitive landscape, mobility is the key to a successful business.

With StarHub's widest 4G/5G local and roaming coverage, 24/7 mobile threat protection, zero-touch solutions, and device lifecycle management, our suite of Enterprise Mobility Solutions ensures that your team works smarter and more securely, while staying connected and productive, wherever they are.

Mobile Connectivity

Enterprise Mobile Plans

Unleash the full potential of your workforce with our Enterprise Mobile plans powered by the blazing speeds of 5G, uninterrupted connectivity, and crystal-clear voice calls.

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Roaming for Enterprise

Enjoy fuss-free, ultra-fast 5G roaming in multiple overseas destinations with our network agnostic Roaming plans.

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M2M and IoT Connectivity

Tap into our suite of interconnected smart solutions to build your IoT ecosystem and streamline operations, boost efficiencies and drive innovations like never before.

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Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Device Lifecycle Management

Simplify the way you acquire and manage mobile devices and plans for your employees with our fully managed Device Lifecycle Management service.

Green Device Leasing

Cost-effective device financing and sustainable device management with the return of leased devices when your contract ends.

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Pick up, Delivery & Loaner

Doorstep collection and delivery to Apple Authorised Service Centre with courtesy device loan set.

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Device Care

Enjoy worry-free device care with StarHub's device replacement service and technical support.

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Enterprise Security and Compliance

Simplify how you manage your mobile devices and endpoints while keeping your sensitive data secure.

Mobile Threat Defence

Persistent protection through monitoring and analytics to prevent, detect, and remediate sophisticated cyber-attacks in real time, such as advanced phishing attacks on devices, networks, and applications.

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Mobile Device Management

Securely and efficiently manage all mobile devices in your organisation throughout their entire lifecycle, from the deployment to retirement.

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Mobile Application Protection Suite

Empowers enterprises to build secure and resilient mobile apps capable of withstanding threats. 

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Cybersecurity Awareness Training Platform

Empower your workforce to be your first line of cyber defence.

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Zero Touch Enrolment

Deploy and configure corporate-owned devices straight out of the box.

Apple Business Manager

Seamlessly deploy all your organisation's Apple devices from a single web-based portal.

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Android™ Zero-touch Enrolment

Seamless deployment for corporate-owned Android devices with fast, easy, and secure large-scale rollouts.

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