Protect your organisation's data with StarHub Cybersecurity Awareness Training Platform


The digital landscape is a battlefield. Cyber threats are constantly evolving, with phishing attacks costing an average of USD 4.45 million globally, according to the 2023 IBM Data Breach Report.

Sophisticated schemes targeting unsuspecting employees could cause sensitive information to be leaked or revealed, leading to data breaches which could be financially detrimental.

Hence, it is imperative to ensure your employees are properly educated on cyber threats and how to identify and protect themselves against any attacks.

Your Workforce, Your First Line of Defence


Unlike traditional training methods, StarHub Cybersecurity Awareness Training Platform, powered by Cywareness, offers a dynamic solution that empowers your workforce with ongoing education and practical skills to proactively defend against phishing attacks.

With personalised training modules, real-world simulations and advanced threat intelligence, the solution will increase your employees' awareness and minimise their exposure to cyber threats, transforming them into your organisation's first line of defence.

How It Works


StarHub Cybersecurity Awareness Training Platform comes with a comprehensive suite of features to create a dynamic and engaging training experience. Here's how it works:

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