The data centre and network that
grows with your business.

As your business grows in the digital economy, so will your need for greater data storage, connectivity, reliability and security to keep your operations running.

Our hyperconnected data centres allow you to set your mind at ease, maintaining and protecting your mission-critical business data with proven, industry-leading uptime record. As a Tier 1 network provider, we enable your business to connect securely and seamlessly with other data centres, telcos, internet service and cloud providers all in our thriving network ecosystem.

With StarHub as your tech-enabler and partner in transforming your business digitally, you can focus on what's truly important for your business and let us help you take care of the rest to stay ahead of your competitors.

Why choose StarHub Data Centres?

With StarHub's island-wide Data Centre facilities, we can offer your business unparalleled advantage in connectivity, reliability and security.

Cost effective data centre solutions with StarHub


Greater flexibility for scaling with each rack generating 37.5% more power at lower PUE and supporting internal expansion.

Seamless interconnection within ecosystem

Hyperconnected Ecosystem

Seamless interconnections with other data centres, telcos, internet service and cloud providers.

Managed internet services with remote support

Managed Services

End-to-end service from a single provider for Internet, carrier and data centre, with 24-hour remote hands support.

StarHub was award infrastructure management award

Industry Recognition

Won the Data Centre Infrastructure Management Award at Information Management Awards 2016 and 2018.

Value added services (VAS) available with StarHub

Additional Services

StarHub provides a rich array of additional offerings, including:

  • Clean Pipe to provide pre-emptive DDoS protection, safeguarding your data centre connections.
  • Content Delivery Network to accelerate your websites and content, providing a smooth user experience.
  • Business Continuity Planning to let you have your backup office, including seats and desks, in the same building.

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StarHub Cloud

Build your own cloud that is Local, Secured and Connected.

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Ethernet Leased Line

Secured and dedicated Layer 2 premium data connectivity for your info-communication needs.

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Global Internet

Connecting over 100 countries worldwide for any business requiring a reliable yet cost-effective service for high speed internet or with a secured IPSec tunneling.

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IP Transit

Extend your coverage with IP Transit Service by StarHub Singapore. We allow excellent global and regional coverage for carrier-grade IP transit service.

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