Elevating situation awareness on national and sectoral cyber threat landscape
With StarHub Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI)

As cyber attacks increase in frequency and sophistication, organisations turn to threat intelligence for deep insights, so as to adopt a predictive approach towards assessing and combating attacks. While global threat intelligence provides situation awareness of the global threat landscape, organisations in Singapore often face challenges drawing actionable insights that are relevant and specific to their sector.


With StarHub’s Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI), organisations can rapidly uncover time-sensitive insights about malicious actors and their motivation to effectively priortise resources when countering or mitigating imminent threats—allowing for a more predictive security posture.



Threat Intelligence Feed:


• Singapore-centric threat landscape

• Full sectoral coverage, including the CIIs


Anonymously extracted and analysed network metadata based on:


• DNS requests

• Source and destination IP addresses

• Source and destination ports

• Network protocol



Anomaly detection based on:



• Real-time network visibility across all enterprise data

• Application of machine learning models to single out anomalies

• Correlation to Indicator of Compromise (IoC) and threat feeds for greater contextual information

Bespoke information output:



• Monthly/ad-hoc reports

• Threat feeds

• Real-time dashboard

• Emergency security advisory


Find out how our Cyber Threat Intelligence could enhance security visibility into your threat landscape.

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