End-to-end Cybersecurity Defence against Ransomware and Targeted Attacks


Today's hybrid work environment introduces new security challenges and complexities. As organisations make sensitive data available to their distributed workforce, applications and devices are decentralised, resulting in security gaps that can be easily exploited. This further intensifies the risk of ransomware attacks.

In response to the increasing threat of ransomware attacks in Singapore, StarHub partners with 3 renowned cybersecurity heavyweights in Ensign InfoSecurity, Palo Alto Networks, and Veeam, to launch StarHub CyberSecure Business Solution, a multi-layered end-to-end cybersecurity managed service to help enterprise customers develop stronger immunity against system breaches, unauthorised system lockdown, data exfiltration, and extortion attempts.

StarHub CyberSecure Business Solution
Multi-layered Cyber Resilience

Managed Detection and Response Service

powered by Ensign InfoSecurity

Provides around-the-clock defence of your IT infrastructure by monitoring your endpoint devices, network, systems and data.

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Mobile Threat Defence

powered by Zimperium

StarHub Mobile Threat Defence delivers persistent protection through monitoring and analytics to prevent, detect, and remediate sophisticated cyber-attacks.

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Managed SASE

powered by Palo Alto Networks

Consolidates networking and security services into one unified solution, ensuring immediate, consistent and secure access for your company's distributed workforce, branch offices, devices and data.

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Backup as a Service (BaaS)

powered by Veeam Software

Keeps your critical business data protected and accessible at all times, even in the event of data loss due to cyber-attacks or natural disasters.

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Incident Response Service

powered by Ensign InfoSecurity

Provides cybersecurity experts with access to your IT infrastructure at the onset of a cyber-attack or threat, to help your organisation minimise threat impact, mitigate risks, and be up and running as soon as possible.

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Find out how our CyberSecure Business Solution can enhance security protection and visibility into your threat landscape.

Clean Pipe

Prevent DDos attack to your network and safeguard your business.

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Enterprise Managed Mobility

Mobilise your workforce, enable secured connectivity and corporate data access.

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Web Application Firewall

Strengthen your website against web application attacks.

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