Detect, assess and mitigate advanced mobile security threats.
Multi-layered cloud based security service that protects your business deployed devices.

As mobile devices increasingly become prevalent as a corporate tool to access corporate information and data, most organizations are unprepared to deal with the threats that these devices present to their networks because of a lack of tools that provide the right visibility and actionable intelligence.


Many companies enforce basic mobile hygiene policies using mobile device management (MDM) to address security and bring-your-own-device issues. Some augment this management with point solutions that offer incremental and often rudimentary enhancements. These solutions may control the potential damage inflicted by lost or stolen devices, but they address mobile risks only on the surface.


Comprehensive mobile security should be a system of components that work together cohesively to identify a wide variety of threats and to protect data while addressing employee existing user experience and privacy concerns.


StarHub’s Managed Mobile Threat Defence (MTD) is a multilayered security service that provides comprehensive protection of mobile devices against cyber threats. It identifies threats using on-device, network and cloud-based algorithms, and triggers automatic defense responses. Its cloud based risk engine identifies suspicious patterns and behaviors over time by sandboxing apps in an emulator and detecting threats at the device, app, and network levels.


Advanced App Analysis
  • Review and analyse mobile app as they are downloaded to analyse behaviour
  • Flags malcious apps and alert users when threats are found in real-time


Network Analysis
  • Identifies and detects safe or malicious networks (including WiFi hotspots) to protect user connectivity
  • Automatically disables suspicious networks to protect mobile devices and data


Device Vulnerability Assessments
  • Continuously analyses mobile devices operating systems to uncover vulnerabilities and weaknesses that can be exploited by attackers
  • Supports both iOS and Android OS


SMS Phishing Attacks
  • Detects and blocks malicious SMS messages that induces users to divulge confidential information or to install malware
  • Identification of attacks is powered through a real-time, dynamic security intelligence network

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