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From general internet browsing to accessing emails, at least 5 business applications are used daily by each employee, with 60% of usage being on mobile devices. Although the use of mobile devices enhance workforce productivity and collaboration, utilisation means exposure to cyber threats, which increases the risk of cyber-attacks. Just in 2022 alone, more than 2 million unique mobile malware attacks have already been detected. There has also been a 360% year-on-year increase in phishing attempts on mobile devices.

To achieve secured mobility, organisations need advanced mobile security and threat defence to safeguard their workforce and critical business data, as well as to meet compliance standards.

StarHub Enterprise Mobile Threat Defence

Prevents, detects, and remediates mobile threats


Powered by Zimperium, StarHub Mobile Threat Defence combines applications Zimperium MTD and zConsole to provide a comprehensive mobile security for both corporate-owned and BYOD devices. StarHub Mobile Threat Defence delivers persistent protection through monitoring and analytics to prevent, detect, and remediate sophisticated cyber-attacks in real time, such as advanced phishing attacks, on devices, networks, and applications.

Mobile Threat Defence Basic is also available to StarHub Enterprise Mobile postpaid customers as a Value-Added Service (VAS) for only $5.45/month per device. Contact us today.

How It Works


StarHub Mobile Threat Defence gathers threat intelligence from supported mobile devices and external sources. When a threat is detected, end-users receive contextual alerts and recommendations to help remediate the situation.

1. Risk Identification

Provides proactive visibility into device, app, and network risks and vulnerabilities
2. Threat Detection

Detects threats like device compromises, phishing sites, malicious apps, and network attacks
3. Remediation

Blocks phishing sites, disables malicious networks, prevents installation of malicious apps, and wipes data when needed
4. Reporting

Provides detailed reports and forensics of Threat Hunting and Incident Response
StarHub Mobile Threat Defence uses threat intelligence to provide protection against 4 primary attack vectors
Uncover vulnerabilities in operating systems (Android/iOS/Chromebook), profile or configuration modifications, system tampering, physical USB or SD card exploits
Detect malicious network, including public hotspots, and automatically disable suspicious connections to safeguard user devices and data
Phishing Sites
Identify and block malicious sites that induce users to divulge confidential information or to download malware
Flag malicious mobile apps by reviewing and analysing them whilst they are being downloaded in real time

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