Detect and stop attacks before they start.
Enable rapid response to safeguard your mobile devices against cyber threats.

Highest level of mobile security for the enterprise

A complete mobile security solution that protects devices from threats on the device (OS), in apps, in the network, and in SMS messages, delivering the industry’s highest threat catch rate for iOS and Android. Augmented with round-the-clock monitoring by StarHub's Security Operations Centre (SOC), threat advisories and alerts to security administrators can be customised for further reviewed or acted upon.

Full mobile threat visibility and intelligence

Cloud-based dashboard makes managing supported devices and controlling mobile threats fast and easy. It provides your security and mobility teams with real-time threat intelligence and visibility into the quantity and types of mobile threats that could impact your business or users.

Seamless deployment and adoption

Designed to help secure mobile devices quickly and confidently through integration with all leading EMM solutions or directly from the mobile public app store. The solution can also be implemented through StarHub's on-site support services for managing mobile security within a broader security infrastructure.

Find out how we can monitor and prevent threats from entering your network from your corporate mobile devices.

Clean Pipe

Prevent DDos attack to your network and safeguard your business.

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Enterprise Managed Mobility

Mobilise your workforce, enable secured connectivity and corporate data access.

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