Mobile Threat Defence User Guide

Get detailed steps and instructions on how to use the MTD app to protect your own device.

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2023 Global Mobile Threat Report by Zimperium

With the prevalence of mobile-first users and hence the rise in mobile-powered enterprises, mobile security for enterprises is paramount. Zimperium's 2023 Global Mobile Threat Report details and examines the trends that shaped the mobile security landscape in 2022.


How Mobile Threat Defence (MTD) Works

Mobile Threat Defence (MTD), powered by Zimperium, is a privacy-first application that provides comprehensive mobile security for enterprises. It is designed to protect corporate-owned and/or BYO (bring-your-own) devices from advanced persistent threats across four categories: device, network, phishing, and app attacks.

Factsheet: StarHub Mobile Threat Defence

Enterprises today need more than ever advanced mobile security and threat defence to safeguard their workforce and critical business data, as well as to meet compliance standards. Find out how you can protect your mobile workforce with StarHub Mobile Threat Defence.

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