Stop threats before you even see them with Internet Clean Pipe.
Online threats are constantly evolving. Any and every business depending on critical delivery services over the Internet is vulnerable. One of the most serious of these is DDoS (Distributed Denial-of-Service) attacks: creating downtime, bandwidth costs, and lost customers, that eventually lead to severe financial losses.

Traffic is automatically re-directed with minimum or no participation on your part, giving you peace of mind and letting you reallocate precious resources to other key aspects of your business. With ready-to-download reports available, you can know what’s under attack, what attacks look like, and how your counter-measures are doing, to keep abreast of the threats your business faces online.

Fully managed, Internet Clean Pipe comes with Standard and Premium options to meet your security needs. With the capability of detecting DDoS activity early and stopping attacks before they can reach your network, Internet Clean Pipe is designed specifically to safeguard your business. Whether fully or partly managed, it’s a complete solution that defends you actively and effectively against malicious disruptions of your online presence.

Real-time proactive response
Rigorously screens and keeps you ahead of security threats.
Minimal traffic disruption
Removes only malicious traffic, allowing legitimate traffic to be processed.
Protects your assets and reputation
Ensures business continuity and minimises customer downtime.
No costly capital outlay
Provides top-class security at an affordable rate.



How it works

StarHub Internet Clean Pipe uses a network-based DDoS mitigation service that performs macro-level (IP flow) analysis and real-time monitoring to address security threats round the clock.

Potential DDoS attack traffic is re-routed to fully operational Scrubbing Centres to be filtered and processed, leaving only legitimate traffic and transactions to be forwarded back to your business. By providing protection at the core router level, threats are detected and stopped before they reach your business.

Internet Clean Pipe is able to deploy three types of anomaly detection (Misuse, Profile and Fingerprint) to provide comprehensive protection.

StarHub Internet Clean Pipe Diagram

StarHub Internet Clean Pipe Diagram


StarHub Clean Pipe Services
Clean Pipe Standard
Clean Pipe Premium
Volumetric/Bandwidth congestion protection    
Application-Layer/Multi-layered protection    
Automatic blocking of known attack signatures    
Managed 24/7 by StarHub security operations centre    

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