Fast and reliable internet connection for an efficient business operations

Enjoy internet connectivity with plug-and-play features, cyber security protection and mobile failover for 100% availability. Our enterprise-grade solutions are fully scalable from single-office networks to multi-point locations, growing with your business at every step.

High speed business internet for the office
High Speed Internet for Office

StarHub's business fibre solution offer you high-speed internet with reliable connection at an affordable rate.

StarHub provides business wireless broadband
Deploy internet access anywhere

StarHub's Business Wireless Broadband (4G) offers seamless internet connectivity for up to 20 devices on our robust 4G mobile network.

Explore StarHub's Enterprise Internet solutions
Optimal Performance for the Enterprise

Designed for demanding customers with high bandwidth needs, StarHub's Enterprise Internet allows you to enjoy high bandwidth applications onsite and beyond.

smart wifi with enchanced data analytics
Smart Wifi powered by the top internet service provider

Enhance your customer experience with our Enterprise WiFi service, armed with the ability to capture your customers' behaviour through location specific analytics.

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