StarHub provides an answer to the many threats facing your network

Conventional network security isn't enough

Firewalls, anti-virus protection, and Intrusion Prevention (IPS) systems are designed to prevent individual intrusions, not to circumvent high volumes of combined traffic. They cannot distinguish between malicious and legitimate Internet traffic.

Internet Clean Pipe is specifically designed to detect DDoS attacks, whether the attack is flooding the network (volumetric attack), or an online application intrusion (application-layer attack).


ISP-level protection provides a crucial, added layer of security

On-premise network security only handles threats once they have reached your network. Internet Clean Pipe detects and deals with them before they can do so, by mitigating any attack on StarHub's core router.

Internet Clean Pipe service is always on-line and highly scalable, with the capacity to inspect all incoming traffic, regardless of volume. It is ideal for augmenting in-house DDoS protection, especially for businesses handling sensitive data, applications and transactions.


No company with an Internet presence is immune to DDoS attacks

Globally, DDoS attacks are among the top 10 threats in the current cyber threat landscape. These attacks are getting bigger and more sophisticated, targeting both businesses and governments. Attackers’ motivations are varied and DDoS services are for hire. These services are hard to track, and cheap to procure.


A managed solution for peace of mind at low cost

Deploying your own DDoS protection requires factoring in the cost of the hardware, software and manpower required for maintenance and monitoring. 

Internet Clean Pipe gives you a managed detection and mitigation solution that works 24 x 7 x 365 to keep your business protected.

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