Enhance your IT environment with a cloud-based networking and security approach.

Digital transformation initiatives have accelerated the move of corporate data to the cloud, complicated by an increasingly distributed mobile workforce.

With the shift to remote work, organisations experience a jump in cybersecurity threats as security gaps surface due to remote work access of corporate data and cloud applications. Ensuring immediate, consistent and secure access for your company's distributed workforce should now be a top priority.

StarHub Managed SASE is a cloud-based architecture that consolidates networking and security services into one unified solution. This converged network and security solution places network controls on the cloud edge allowing organsations to expand their network perimeter to provide secure access to any remote user, branch office, device or application.

How StarHub Managed SASE works


Managed SASE Security provides a full suite of cloud-based security-as-a-service built on four key layers. It protects users, applications and data regardless of geographical location, and minimises network and appliance infrastructure. The multi-layer security features eliminate all kinds of malicious attacks and threats, ensuring full security over customer and cloud-based networks without the need for expensive hardware investment to comply with stringent security standards.


Managed SD-WAN is a next-generation cloud-delivered SD-WAN solution that delivers a rich set of security and network services at optimal speeds to enable a fully autonomous application-defined networking to support organisations' migration to cloud. This cloud-delivered SD-WAN offers infinite scalability and performance at a reduced cost.

Offered as a managed service, Managed SASE, the all-in-one security solution provides eliminates the need for hefty upfront costs and maintenance.



Protect your organisation in a mobile and cloud-first world with StarHub Managed SASE.