Accelerate and secure your access to the cloud and SaaS

The widespread adoption of cloud and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) led to an explosion of traffic over the Internet, placing growing performance demands on the traditional WAN (Wide Area Network). The backhauling of all traffic, including cloud-destined traffic, from branch offices to the headquarters, results in latency, unpredictable application performance, and exposure of data to cyber threats.

Today’s cloud-centric business model requires a modern WAN architecture.

SD-WAN (Software-defined Wide Area Network) is an application-aware overlay that optimises traffic over multiple links and enables reliable and secure connectivity to the data centre, cloud, SaaS applications, and the Internet. With SD-WAN, users can enjoy efficient bandwidth usage and optimised application performance without compromising on data security.

In partnership with Cisco, StarHub SD-WAN is offered as a managed service, helping IT teams take on the complexities of day-to-day network and application management.

How it works

SD-WAN monitors the real-time performance characteristics of the underlying networks and provides optimal traffic routing based on centralised policy.

Key Features

Dynamic Routing
Improve network quality with transport agnostic, real-time application-aware and SLA-backed routing that allows for load sharing and fast failover.
Built-in Security
Enable application visibility and safeguard your traffic with secure encrypted overlay, basic anti-DDoS features, network segmentation and zone-based stateful firewall.
Designed for Cloud
Optimise access to SaaS applications with direct Internet access and SLAs. Seamlessly extend the SD-WAN overlay to public clouds to guarantee an end-to-end performance.

Enable a smooth and hassle-free transition to cloud-optimised networking with StarHub Managed SD-WAN.

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